Florida Commercial Photography Islamorada Beer Company

When a photographer sets up his frame and composition, there are a lot of elements that go hand in hand.  What feel are you going for?  What is the theme of that particular shoot? Who is this going to appeal to? Take all of that into consideration and you have a perfectly balanced and composed photo.  Captioning is not needed, as the photograph tells the story.  Islamorada Beer Company, founded in Islamorada, is a craft beer company that brings the essence and flavor of the Florida Keys into a beer.  They use the island mentality and state of mind into there branding.  They want you to taste what they live every day, every sip, and bask in all of its glory.  They encourage you to “Leave your Compass Behind” so that you can discover your own “My Sandbar”.

I met Islamorada Beer Co at the Key West Brewfest in 2014.  I kept in touch with them, as I saw something.  A group of “locals” who were creative and had something.  Everyone always wants to advertise that they are the keys, but what does it mean to “Keep It Local”?  Grab a Sandbar Sunday or Islamorada Ale, kick back, and come up with your own definition.  Thats what living in the Keys is all about.  It means something different for everyone, but the end result is kicking back on a sandbar or out on the water, and enjoying your backyard.

Make sure to check them out in GAFF Magazine for an upcoming article about craft beer.

Michael Freas

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