What is paradise?  Why do we all seek it? For some it is the undisturbed ecosystem, for others it is for the game fish and the reward of the hunt.  Paddleboarding in Key West has become a big surge in the water and boardsports industry.  People now fish from them, do yoga, and race.  Paddleboard is a way of staying in shape, exploring, and reminds us of the ancient surfers who created the boardsports industry and lifestyle of today.  It connects you with nature.  You glide over the water, silently watching life as it once was.  You share a laugh, smile, and creation with your friends.  You use a paddle to explore life.  The connection is not explained, it is felt.

Whaleback Paddleboards is a new and upcoming board manufacturer. Born in Michigan, and now blossoming in Boca Raton, Florida.  They have developed cutting edge technology in the makeup and construction of the board.  By using patented resin technologies, the boards become lighter and more responsive.  Thus in theory improving the learning curve of the sport of paddleboarding.

When asked to do this photo shoot I jumped at the chance.  Being a surfer and avid waterman, I used my vision of how I see the boardsports industry.  More of a preservation aspect.  The sport today has become one of radical maneuvers that defy gravity.  You look back at riders such as Tom Curren, Duke Kahanamoku, Robert August, and the Endless Summer Days.   It was a love for the water, and the ride.  It was a love of the surroundings, so we retreated to the backcountry of the Florida Keys and Key West.  The sandy bottom acted as a reflector and helped increase the vibrancy of the imagery.

I used all of these ideas, technologies, and progressions.  If it were my company, what would my vision and statement to the industry be?  The answer is in the following.  Do you share that vision?

Michael Freas

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