Key West Wedding Photographer - Smathers Beach + Sunset Party Cat works and these two are living proof. They met via the website and lived in separate cities.  One in New York City, the other in Boston.  Now there is a contrast if I ever saw one.  I can only imagine the rivalries in a house divided.  For the first part of their relationship it consisted of dates via Face Time.   They both had mutual friends but had never met, until they both fell for each other and bought a house together.  Two people, who are both in love with one another.  This one simple, yet complicated element, was the pushing factor behind the more journalistic photography approach that I took as a key west wedding photographer.

The entire day you could feel the love between these two.  You could feel the love of their families and how they shared their love with everyone.  Again, you felt love!  That made it easy to hang back and snap away.  You could see situations and laughter forming.  The telling of a joke, with the buildup to the punch line.  All of those, click click, click click.  Narrowing down the good ones to the best ones was tough.   It was just one big party, and the celebration of the union of two people, and their hearts for one another.

When I have a couple ask me to do journalistic photography of their wedding day, it takes a special bond or connection.  All 3 of us spend time getting to know one another, learning about each other, and finding understanding.  I feel like I have known them for quite some time when I arrive on their wedding day.  The journalistic photography approach is about putting the viewer in the scene.  Showing the elements that compose the day, how they work with one another, and bringing it all together to tell the story of two humans, and their most special day.

Michael Freas

My wedding collections are infused with consistent and creative technique, dynamic portraiture and bold photojournalism. I work with couples who are adventurous, creative and appreciate creative professional photography. They are inspired by and admire the art of visual storytelling. I capture those moments that will be cherished for years on end.