The life of a Key West photographer began when I moved to Key West, 5 years ago.  I had no idea what the future held.  I was a lonely sous chef looking for his home.  I had been bouncing from one kitchen to the next for the past 12 years, and thought that this was it.  Hard work, or so I thought, was finally paying off.  I would be a restaurant owner or executive chef soon, and then life would be grand!  I was going to get my big shot.  Looking back, I can say it happened, but in a completely different way.  I moved on a whim, and today I can say that it is the greatest decision of my life. !

3 years ago I set the knives down, and picked up this tiny little black box.  You press a button, and it captures a moment in time.  It freezes life, so that you can look back on it time and time again and savor the moment.  Since a young child I had always been interested in cameras.  My grandfather would always hide his Nikon F2-L from me.  Little did he know that I always found the hiding place.He would always bring them to the beach, graduations, trips to the train museum.  Our own family photographer. If he only knew what he was starting.  My only wish is that he was still around so we could compare photographs.  As I grew up, I learned more about film and cameras in High School as the Sports Editor of the Yearbook and newspaper.  Boy how things have changed technologically since then!

Living in the Florida Keys has changed my life forever.  When people ask me what I do for a living, I proudly can say that I am a Key West photographer.  It opens up an avenue of communication.  People ask me why, I then explain.  Many times my phone comes out, and I show them images of places and things we do in Key West as locals.  I invite them to get the experience.  Take a few steps off Duval St, and open your eyes.  So much awaits them.  I know it sounds like some cheesy advertisement I am pitching them, but I want them to enjoy the island for all of the right reasons.  Remembering the experience, creating a memory.

The island of Key West has given me more than anyone can ever imagine.  It has re-created me, given me new life, and replaced the negative with positive in my life.  When I am not shooting weddings or real estate, you can try your best to find me on the water.  My boat, my camera, Me.  A trifecta that I always dreamed for, and never thought would come.  I connect with mother nature for many reasons.  Its unspoiled and can speak to you in ways you never would think of.  Inhale, exhale, smile.  Saltwater for the soul.  So what does a Key West photographer do when he takes a vacation?  Staycation Relaxation

Michael Freas

My wedding collections are infused with consistent and creative technique, dynamic portraiture and bold photojournalism. I work with couples who are adventurous, creative and appreciate creative professional photography. They are inspired by and admire the art of visual storytelling. I capture those moments that will be cherished for years on end.