Hiring a Wedding Planner - Why should I hire one? Does it really help me?

Should I Hire a Wedding Planner? A Wedding Photographers Point of View

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Should I hire a wedding planner? I can plan this entire wedding myself, right? Those are two questions that always seem to resonate with any couple that I have worked with. Couples want to be completely hands on and are afraid to relinquish control of their day. They want it to be exactly how they have always dreamed and do not want to settle for anything less. This is why as a wedding photographer, I always suggest working with a planner. The biggest reason, so that IT IS everything you’ve dreamed of! Especially when you are doing a Destination Wedding here in The Florida Keys and Key West.

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Sunset Key Wedding at the point. Wedding Planners help your ceremony look perfect!


Julie Shreck of Simply You Wedding’s sums it up well. “A wedding planner provides you an unbiased opinion that can truly help you make the best decisions for a personalized wedding experience.” Wedding professionals throughout the industry will agree on this. With the vast amount of options available, a planner will be your direct link on the ground for your day and any pre and post wedding activities and events. They will suggest vendors to you based on your budget and the style that you want. They will also insure you are getting the most bang for your buck and look out for your best interest throughout the planning and day of.

When I ask couples if they are working with a planner, I stress the importance of them. They plan weddings every day. They know exactly what works and what doesn’t at all of the amazing venues. They are honest with you, letting you know whether an option is viable or not. They will provide you with alternative options that will help you through the day. The planners work with me, the wedding photographer, to keep me up to date with all important details of the day. The one factor that they all provide is eliminating stress, so that you, your families and friends can enjoy the day.


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A Wedding Planner can help you relax and enjoy ALL of your day!


Budget is always a sensitive subject. Sometimes couples spend more money on items that might not be detrimental to their day only because they read about it on some website. Pinterest can be held liable for this. Many times brides speak to me concerning their wedding photography and want images like they have seen on Pinterest. What they don’t realize is that quite a bit of those images are staged/styled and require A LOT of planning and money!

“Weddings can be extremely expensive,” as Kelly Fowler of Just Save the Date states. “By hiring a wedding planner, couples can save a great deal of money.” The planner can help negotiate discounts, and when it comes to wedding photography, the photographer will be more likely to discount a planner who refers and sends business to them. They also help you align an all-star team of wedding vendors whom work well together and will make sure your day lives up to its potential.


When it comes to day of, the wedding planner is there to make sure that everything flows. They will be there to make sure your tables are set up properly. This helps your wedding photographer document your hard work that you have put into the day, as well as allow you to not have to worry about your details being set up. “We handle things that might go wrong, and come up with an on the spot solution.” Kayla of Say Yes in Key West can attest to this, because your wedding planner is your on-the-ground eyes and ears. They make sure your setups are complete, dress is steamed and everyone is lined up. If someone or something is missing, they are your problem solver.

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A wedding photographer’s point of view on a wedding planner is simple. They are an important part of your A-Team! They allow me to be able to do what I am there to do. I will not have to worry about the ceremony, reception, welcome table details, etc. being set properly, as they are there to take care of these items. This way I know when you list certain shots as very important, I am able to relay the message to the planner, so that we both know the importance and vise versa. They make sure everyone shows up to formal photos on time, all the boutonnieres are pinned, and flowers arrive on time for detail photos. They simply help make your vision a reality. This allows me, your wedding photographer, to document the day properly, alleviate stress, and get super natural images that reflect you on your most important day.

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  1. DEFINITELYYY hire a planner! I could never go through the stress of wedding planning again. And honestly, it’s going to be so much more polished if you let a professional handle it. They know their stuff.

  2. Agreed!! Hire that planner, it was take so much stress off you on your wedding day!

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