A Wedding Photographer in Key West - 2016 in Review

When I tell people that I am a wedding photographer in Key West, I get many responses. First and foremost the reply I hear the most is “you must be busy! I see weddings on Smathers Beach all the time.” I chuckle and say to them that life is good and I can’t complain. See the funny thing about being a wedding photographer in Key West is that it wasn’t expected. I started out as just an amateur photographer shooting luxury real estate. I got lucky with a gig at a local vacation rental company, and started building my company from there. I then shot weddings for a few different photographers as a second shooter. I learned a lot. I saw flaws and mistakes from others, and kept those in the back of my head. It was more of a what not to do as a wedding photographer in Key West, a true learning experience. The time came to the moment where it was either me sticking with the current situation, or risk it all and try to grow.

Seeing that I am writing this everything seems to have worked out. I doubled the amount of weddings in Key West that I was shooting each year. Many publishings came from these weddings, which gained me exposure. I started to gain the respect I was looking for as a wedding photographer in Key West. I started getting referrals from other vendors, my phone started to ring, and then I went and photographed the wedding rings.

Being a wedding photographer in Key West is so much more than people think. Sure I can take an image of 2 people kissing, and it becomes a wedding photo. The challenge comes when you try to create an image that is fresh, but at the same place that EVERY other photographer in Key West has taken. You compose it differently, and open up a brand new view to being a wedding photographer in Key West. Below you will see a sampling of my favorite images from the 2016 wedding season. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Key West make sure to drop us an email and see how we can make your day special and unique to you!

Michael Freas

My wedding collections are infused with consistent and creative technique, dynamic portraiture and bold photojournalism. I work with couples who are adventurous, creative and appreciate creative professional photography. They are inspired by and admire the art of visual storytelling. I capture those moments that will be cherished for years on end.