Key West Engagement Session – Cecilia & Dominick

Key West has a lot to offer as a backdrop.  It calms the soul, allowing you to relax and free your mind.  It’s one of the reasons I feel that my images come out so naturally.  I feel relaxed alongside the couple and we can explore together.  Inspired by the natural beauty and colors of Key West, we can create unique and mesmerizing images, capturing the mood that keeps you wanting to come back.  Key West engagement sessions  allow the couple and myself to be completely comfortable around each other.  I always ask my couples to take a look at my engagement portfolio in order  to get a better grasp on what an excellent engagement session can produce.  I want them to drop all barriers, let me in, and be themselves. That is exactly what Cecilia and Dominick did!  

Cecilia and Dominick came to Key West to finalize wedding plans.  With 4 days of rain and thunderstorms, we had to postpone the shoot several times. Fortunately, we had set aside a few days as the final day of their trip approached.  Friday became the “must go” day, and I was prepared for that. Thursday morning starts out as rain, then boom, blue sky out of nowhere.  So after 2 days of playing dodgeball with the weather, I got a text during breakfast.  We decided to take advantage of the break.  We bounced around town, got to know each other, then realized we have a mutual friend, Ron.  Dom had been coached by my old roommate’s uncle, and he actually knew Ron as well.  With that realization, our comfort level increased even more.  We shot for a while at Fort Zachary Taylor and skirted the rain.  I showed them a few hidden spots, then noticed a photo pop up on IG of the same spot.  Shhhhhh…it’s a secret Dom!

The following day we decided to take a quick morning escape to one of my favorite locations to shoot.  When I meet a couple who shares my affinity for nature, I like to take them to this spot.  It’s hidden and tough to get to, so it’s something you don’t often see popping up in photos around the internet.  Creating original and interesting images is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to wedding and engagement photography in Key West.  The shoot went perfectly.  The sun decided to show off and we nailed the images that Dom and Cecilia wanted.  I am definitely looking forward to the wedding!  It’s going to be fun!