Key West Wedding Photographer - Samantha & Alex - Summer Fete in Key West

One thing that you will always notice in any blog post of mine, is that I speak from the heart. I stress being a part of the family for the day. That way you will get wedding images that portray the true nature of your family. I like to call it the “comfortability” factor. Investing time in getting to know your wedding photographer and vice versa, is a crucial part of the success of your wedding photos. Whether it be following your Key West wedding photographer on social media, having a meeting on a visit down, or just keeping in touch by phone calls, creating a relationship with your wedding photographer will make all the difference in the images that are created on that special day. This is important advice not only for my couples, but for any of you that are reading this and are planning your own wedding. Your wedding photographer will thank you, and so will the images.

When you feel as if you are part of the family, you are able to see emotions in a much clearer state. You know what someone is feeling and thinking with a click of the shutter. You can read their emotions and that allows you the opportunity to capture that emotion. Ansel Adams said “You don’t take a photograph, you make it” . Ansel Adams was spot on.

Samantha and Alex, thank you! What an honor. It was so great to get to know these two, their families and friends. There were superhero sightings, secrets, dance offs, “flat Alex”s abound. We were welcomed with an unexpected sunset that mesmerized us all. It was one of those weddings where you just blend in and roll with the day. Let them loose and follow along.

Dance offs, sing alongs, failed attempts at Boomerang videos (that one is all me). That’s a bit of the day. It was a party. Close friends, celebrating two of their own in true Texas fashion. Blending in gave me a sense of the day in a more natural fashion. You may be a wedding photographer, but you are also a part of the couples day.

These images just make me happy!

Michael Freas

My wedding collections are infused with consistent and creative technique, dynamic portraiture and bold photojournalism. I work with couples who are adventurous, creative and appreciate creative professional photography. They are inspired by and admire the art of visual storytelling. I capture those moments that will be cherished for years on end.