Micayla and George’s Asheville North Carolina Elopement

bride and groom walking up roan mountain

Micayla and George are just the kind of people I like to hang out with, spontaneous but laid back, outdoorsy, and with a great sense of humor. When they contacted me to do their wedding photography, they wanted a place with great views, so I set out to find the right place. I love doing Asheville elopement photography, and there’s no finer place to do pictures than in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Looking for a great place to get married on a mountain in North Carolina?

Even though Mikayla and George are avid hikers, they knew that finding the right place to say their vows was important. What we view with our eyes and what the cameras see can be vastly different, so I was really happy they placed their trust in me to find the place that would not only be beautiful in the photographs but would also be a fun hike for them on their wedding day.

I had a place in mind, so I headed up to Roan Mountain in Carvers Gap, which is just about 70 miles outside Asheville, and I knew once I got to the summit that I had a winner. It was fun seeing them excited when I showed them the awesome views from the ridgeline! I took some videos for them along the way, so they had a feeling of the location.

asheville nc elopement on roan mountain with bride and groom

Getting Your Marriage License in Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina makes it pretty easy to get married here; all you need to do is get the license 10 days before the wedding and get ready for your elopement adventures. Then strap in and imagine the magic that can happen!

Many of my clients opt to do it like Micayla and George did, obtaining their license at the courthouse and sealing the deal with a binding marriage with a civil magistrate on site. The elopement was the space for them to say their private vows to each other and the more spiritual part of the marriage.

Roan Mountain straddles the North Carolina/Tenessee border and is geographically considered the Unaka Range of the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

The hike up takes you through a dense spruce forest that still has enough light to give it that cool “Game of Thrones” forest feel.

Once at the summit, the panoramic view of the Blue Ridge Mountains in various shades takes your breath away…and sometimes quite literally because at 6,200 feet, this is a good hike!

Renting an Airbnb for your North Carolina Elopement

Micayla is a realtor, so she knows that a good location is key, so they chose a really cool little cabin in Canton, North Carolina, to stay at with their awesome rescue dogs before the ceremony.

We met there to do some portraits with the doggos, to take a few detail shots, and to do a cake cutting. This is what is the coolest about elements; you can do whatever you freaking want! Just because you elope doesn’t mean you have to cut out wedding traditions.

After sharing a bit of the wedding cake with the dogs, we set off on our hike, camera in hand, smiles on our faces, ready to take in the beauty of their best day ever.

Adventure Elopement Hiking

With their fancy wedding duds and Micayla’s floral stashed inside their backpacks, we had a fun hike up to the summit, popped open the changing tent ( which was a little bit of hilarity itself), and they got themselves ready to say their vows.

The day was a pretty bluebird North Carolina blue, but it was pretty cold up there! Micayla proved to be a trooper, even walking around barefoot sometimes; that girl is braver than I am! Outdoor weddings always have some challenges to throw at you, but as far as I am concerned, that’s part of the adventure elopement experience.

During the ceremony, I make a point to hang back and let you have your moment. This is a sacred time to connect, and my job as a wedding photographer is to document it for you as beautifully and naturally as possible. It’s important to me to capture the intimate magic that makes up an adventure elopement.

Wedding Photos on Roan Mountain

After the vows were over, it was time to create some awesome portraits on that beautiful mountain God carved out of the land. The sun was in the perfect spot behind a line of clouds, so we got this awesome line of pastels just above the endless variations of blues in the mountain creating incredible, epic photos!

On the hike down, I had the itch to do some more dramatic portraits in that spruce forest with some lighting from my MagMod Spheres taking the lead. Man, do I love this look! I’m a believer that using the right light makes all the difference. Along with available light, any wedding photographer you consider should be using any light “available” to them to create great portraits and in my opinion, Mag Mod is on the cutting edge. Don’t fear flash photography; learn how to make work work for you!

Asheville Elopement Photographer

If you’re considering having an elopement in Ashville, NC, I’d love to talk to you. I have a range of photography packages and tons of elopment experience to truly customize your amazing day. All photo packages include digital files and an online gallery to view your images. Want engagement photos or a bridal session? We can arrange that too!

Intimate Wedding Photographer: Your Love Story in Asheville NC

Smaller weddings rock! I’m looking for adventurous couples who are looking for an immersive adventure elopement experience! I’m happy to help you find the perfect place to say your i-do’s, and I promise you we’ll have an epic adventure…and some laughs on the way. Fill out the contact form, and let’s chat!

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