The perfect guide to help you feel confident and look amazing for your engagement photos!

Ready to look your best for picture perfect engagement photos in lovely Asheville? Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or getting hitched here, we have the top tips on what to wear and how to style yourself! From avoiding too much bling or clothing logos, find out all of our secrets this week so that when it comes time for those special snaps – YOU will be looking utterly fabulous. Get ready with us as we share everything there is know about styling tip-top looks for gorgeous engagement photoshoots!

Couple standing in front of love is alive mural in Asheville North Carolina downtown beside Spicer Greene jewelers

Show off who you are to the world with your engagement session! Be yourself and share the true love between you and your fiance. Choose an outfit that emphasizes all of YOUR favourite traits; if that means a pair of sneakers instead of those high heels, then go for it! Your style is always in – no matter how many times have or haven’t worn dresses before- so make sure this moment captures everything about YOU. And don’t forget: there’s never too late (or old!) climb trees along the way 😉

Couple walking down wooded road with yellow fall colors in the trees all around them in Linville Gorge

Spruce up date night by sprucing yourselves up! Dress in complimentary colors or variations of the same hue – and don’t limit yourself to matching outfits; why not liven things up with some pops of color? Synchronize your level of formality for an effortlessly stylish look. To top it off, make a special day out shopping together then reward yourselves at one Asheville’s awesome breweries like New Belgium – just off downtown in the River Arts District, on the shores of the French Broad River. Who said dressing sharp has to be boring?!

For those on the go, make sure you keep your destination’s unique environment in mind when planning out what to wear! Whether we’re headed for a park with lots of greenery or going for an adventurous hike in the woods, it is important to dress appropriately. If opting for color pops that will help you stand out – think along lines of bright yellows and creams mixed against natural purples. And let yourself break some rules by adding something unexpected like long flowing dresses paired up with heels set off against gorgeous mountain peaks – just don’t forget comfortable flats while traveling from one location to another! Be mindful always about weather changes too; if venturing above Asheville (Max Patch, Black Balsam Knob, Craggy Gardens or Roan Mountain) be prepared as temperatures can dip down 15 degrees cooler than usual! Always bring a blanket to snuggle up under at sunset!

Accessorize and Ace Your Engagement Session! Getting all the details perfect for your engagement session, down to what you wear is a must! Ladies, rocking jewelry that pairs perfectly with your gorgeous ring will take any look up a notch. And don’t forget those subtle touches – opt for flowy fabrics over tight-fitting ones when it comes time to pick out an outfit; stylish shoes can complete or even make the whole ensemble For gentlemen in particular – ironing their shirt beforehand makes huge difference as well as ditching bulky items like wallets or phones from pockets (not to mention leaving behind baseball caps). Accessories are key too: hats/sunglasses/favorite scarves add extra flare but stick away from being overly branded on clothing. Patterns? Ya yasify them however much desired – within reason of course 😉

Let your beloved pet (or two!) join in on the engagement session fun! Be bold, fearless & whimsical by playfully adding bright pops of color to really make your photos stand out. From vibrant shoes and accessories like a jacket or scarf down to those fetching little socks peeking through pants legs – you’ll truly be able stun with style when complimented with the perfect backdrop around town!

For all the ladies, now is the time to get creative and bring out your inner beauty! Asheville engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity for some pampering with foundation, mascara, lip gloss and coordinating hair. Don’t miss this chance to look gorgeous – book that trial appointment with your makeup artist ASAP!

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