When are the best times to get married in North Carolina?

Crafting an unforgettable wedding in North Carolina is made all the more special when you choose the perfect season for your big day! Whether it’s a cozy autumn celebration with enchanting foliage or a bright, vibrant spring bash full of outdoor festivities to enjoy – there are endless possibilities that match any theme and guest list size.

With temperatures ranging from just-right to mild wind and rain, you can choose your ideal date between September – November or May – June. Fall landscapes create elegant atmospheres for an unforgettable day while springtime offers beautiful outdoor venues and activities for loved ones. Whatever theme fits best with your venue, guest list size, photography ideas and overall style vibe — there’s something special awaiting all year round!

wedding taking place at the nc arboretum in asheville nc

Things to consider when planning an Asheville NC wedding!

Asheville, NC is an absolute dream for couples looking to say “I do”! With spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and urban breweries full of character, there’s a wedding venue that speaks to everyone. But with all these amazing choices comes tough decisions – how will you find your perfect fit? Whether it be date or location: relax! We’ve worked closely with many other lucky couples tying the knot in Asheville who have helped us identify key factors when picking out the ideal spot. Read on as we share our experience about finding those special places!


Looking for the perfect venue? Before you start your search, determine a budget – and don’t forget that 20% of it should go towards rental fees! Do some research on what’s included in those costs; chairs, tables and even bridal suite access might be part of the package. Charge surprises down the line can really put a cramp in wedding planning – get as much info up front to make sure everything is smooth sailing from here on out!

Don’t let budget woes limit your dream wedding plans! With so much to consider, it’s worth researching venue requirements and vendor costs before committing. If the numbers don’t align with your goal, our full service planning package helps make sure you have exactly what fits both your vision AND wallet. 

Here are some mountain venues and downtown Asheville venues that I suggest!

wedding couple married portraits on front lawn of crest pavilion

On your wedding day, you will be surrounded by all the people who bring meaning and joy into your lives! This is why it’s important to consider creating an inviting atmosphere for those closest to you. Get ready to create a unique list of guests that reflect how much they mean – with half from each spouse-to-be’s side! We’ll provide some helpful tips later on but let’s begin now: start off with immediate family & close friends as well as beloved “tribes” like college buddies or relatives’ sides. As you go through this process keep in mind anyone special enough that deserves their own invitation come the big day!

When it comes to planning your wedding guest list, there’s a simple way you can decide who should make the cut: if it has been two or more years since last hanging out with them – even great friends! – then they may be better suited for the B-list. After all, this is one of life’s biggest memories and calls for celebrating among those closest to you.

wedding reception moments at crest pavilion

As you create the guest list for your special day, keep in mind that it’s YOUR wedding! Don’t feel like you have to invite everyone; only include those with whom you want to share this important milestone. Once you’ve got an idea of how many people will be attending (it doesn’t need to be precise!), start looking at venues – think big enough so everyone can move around and get cozy together, but not too large that they’re scattered throughout a huge area. And don’t forget – FEED all the vendors who’ll help make your dream come true!

Ready to get your party started? Once you have the guest list sorted out (no pressure, just an estimate!), it’s time to start searching for venues that can fit all those happy faces! Find a place big enough so everyone doesn’t feel cramped while they’re mingling and dancing. If there are special entertainment or catering components in mind – like live bands or buffets – make sure these requirements factored into the square footage of the venue too. Ask potential coordinates if they could show you floor plans from past weddings, giving you some visuals of how everything will come together on The Big Day!

bridal party walking down main walk at Biltmore estate

Are your guests ready for an adventure? If you’re planning a destination wedding in Asheville, choosing the right venue is key – but so is how easily it can be reached by all of your special attendees! While there are many breathtaking options nestled away among the Blue Ridge Mountains and surrounding area, some may require guest transportation to get them safely there. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with mountain roads or arriving without their own car, these little extras add up quickly when considering venues far from major cities – so make sure to budget accordingly if opting for one of those gorgeous secluded views!

Want to make sure your wedding guests can easily get there on time? Don’t leave parking up the chance – give them a helping hand by setting up an Uber or Lyft code! Offering a special rate for your attendees means they’ll be able to arrive comfortably without having to worry about transportation costs. It’s just one more way of making their experience extra special and attending something that truly celebrates love!

When it comes to your special day, every detail counts! You should ensure that both you and your partner love the look and feel of the venue. Let yourselves be inspired by what’s around you – from an old fireplace or breathtaking views of nature; find a way to let its natural beauty enhance yours on this magical occasion. Whatever form those elements take, make sure they reflect who YOU are as a couple so that everything will come together perfectly for the most amazing wedding ever!


For craft beer-loving couples, there’s no better way to tie the knot than with a downtown brewery wedding! Or if it’s outdoor adventure you seek, why not say “I do” surrounded by nature on one of the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains trails? And for those who love all things city life – treat your guests to an unforgettable experience that captures the unique charm and history of your hometown. No matter where or what kind of venue you choose – make sure it speaks volumes about both yours and your partner’s personalities!

Things to consider when picking a date for an Asheville wedding...

While every season in Asheville is gorgeous, there are a few times of the year that make for especially magical weddings. Embrace warmer temps and longer days by saying “I do” while it’s still light out — get ready to feel the joy radiating through an outdoor ceremony like never before! If you’re wishing to savor those special after-sunset moments on camera too (aka Golden Hour), then keep sunset time near your heart…you won’t want your big day bliss escape you!

March to June

Spring weddings are even more special with the lush greenery, fragrant blooms, and balmy breezes. Have your ceremony between 5-6PM for optimal sunlight; you won’t want to miss the spectacular sunsets that typically begin around 8 or 9 o’clock!

September to November

Fall in Asheville is like a fairytale! The mountains burst with radiant colors and it’s the perfect time for weddings. But don’t forget that Fall also brings an influx of tourists, so make sure to book your venue’s dream team as soon as possible – hotels, planners and modes of transport too. To be truly romantic at sunset, plan ceremony times between 4-5pm since you’ll find sunsets anywhere from 5:30pm – 7:30 pm depending on the month. Get creative and get inspired by setting up some magical al fresco celebrations this fall!

Im not just a photographer, but also call myself a weather nerd!

Asheville has its own unique charm, but it comes with an unpredictable twist in the form of afternoon showers! To help avoid any hiccups on your special day, make sure to come up with a fun backup plan. Talk to your wedding planner and venue about what options are available; whether that’s having a tented reception or switching indoors – you’ll be prepped for whatever Mother Nature throws at you!

Let’s create something extraordinary together

Ready to find the perfect wedding venue? It’s time for some footwork! We recommend you do your homework: browse through websites and photos, read reviews (ignoring one bad apple in a bunch of glowing ones), call or video chat with staff members – ultimately getting out there to take an in-person tour. Don’t forget that you have support too – both from us and from the venue coordinator. Go get ’em tiger; let’s start planning this epic event!