Florida Keys & Key West Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography Engagement sessions are one of the easiest ways to get to know a couple.  Its the first opportunity to meet the couple, see what works and what doesn’t.  Its a great session for couples to take advantage of.  It allows me to photograph you and figure out what works best, so that on […]

Eco-Friendly Places to See and Do in Key West | Key West Wedding Photography

After living in Key West for nearly a decade, I’m still not considered a “local”(Im considered a Freshwater Conch), but I do know my way around the place! This little island packs in a lot to do in just a few square miles. In the years that I have photographed weddings in the Florida Keys […]

Key West Wedding Photography | Mysha and Evan | House Weddings in Key West

Mysha and Evan are from Key West and they decided to have their wedding at Mysha’s uncles’ home on secluded Shark Key.  Having a home-based wedding has more layers than you might imagine, so I always recommend that you hire a good wedding planner to help you navigate.  They chose Jennifer and the team from […]

Key West Wedding Photography | Shana and Patrick | Hemingway House Weddings

Shana and Patrick and their fun-loving crew came down to Key West to get married right before the end of 2019. Their entire wedding took place at the legendary Hemingway House right in the garden area as the sun began to set. When we first talked, they were a little worried about getting married at […]

Key West Wedding Photography | Gina and Jorel | Ocean Key Resort and Spa

Key West Wedding Photography | Gina and Jorel | Ocean Key Resort and Spa Gina and Jorel are adventurous and fun-loving, and from the moment we started talking, I knew that we were going to kill it together at their wedding here in Key West. They are all about moments and sharing them with people […]

Key West Wedding | Jackie & Paul | Freas Photography

Key West Engagement Session – Megan & Josh – Marvin Key I was so excited to go out to Marvin Key with Megan and Josh for their Key West engagement session! I met Josh a year ago while swordfishing with a local guide, and then went out fishing with him and Megan a few weeks […]

Elizabeth & Alex – Schooner Hindu Proposal – Key West Engagement Photography

Key West Wedding – Oscar & Katie – A Local Affair The 2016 Key West wedding season was a stellar year for everyone here at Freas Photography. It was a year where we learned a lot, had some amazing couples and grew as a wedding photographer. We laughed, we cried, and we sweated an entirely […]

Lanie & Jason – Key West Engagement Photography

Key West Engagement Photography Lanie & Jason I wasn’t always a photographer. I would probably of said “what’s that” if someone said they were having engagement photo’s taken in Key West, years ago. I used to be greasy, got to play with my food, and was a different type of artist. I used to meet […]

Key West Wedding Photography – Featured Weddings of 2016

Key West Wedding Photography – Featured Weddings of 2016 Freas Photography Wins 2017 Two Bright Lights Editors’ Choice Award Thanks in part to my phenomenal clients and my commitment to producing exceptional Key West wedding photography, I am honored to announce that I have been selected as a winner of a 2017 Two Bright Lights […]

Key West Wedding Photographer – Freas Photography | Wendy & Michael

Key West Wedding Photographer Wendy + Michael | Key West Tropical Gardens Key West wedding photographers are a very lucky group of people. We are afforded the luxury of the amazing backdrop of the Florida Keys and Key West to use for our composition. Key West wedding photographers seem to consider ourselves destination wedding photographers, […]