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If my photos speak to you, let’s talk about your wedding day.

My name is Michael Freas

I’m the guest you didn’t invite to your wedding, but you’re so glad that I came.

I’m North Carolina born and bred, but I’ve spent the last 16 years living and traveling all over Florida. I’m now thrilled to call South Florida my home. I still love to travel, both throughout Florida and the world at large.

Nature, light, and music have always drawn me in and quieted me. I don’t run from chaos, I dive in head first… that’s where the beauty is! 

When I first put a camera to my eye, so many years ago, it unlocked something inside of me. I’d always been the funny one, the loud one, the athletic one, but never the CREATIVE one. Turns out, that creativity was in me all along, it just took a dusty old Kodak Ektra 100 camera from my grandpa to even know to start looking for it. Well, I found it and I’m never letting it go.

First and foremost, I’m a photojournalist and a storyteller. But I’ve never found a story I prefer telling more than the story of two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives.

I shoot around 50 weddings a year, and throughout it all, I’ve found that no two couples are the same. You’re not cookie-cutter. And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Photos Taken

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Weddings Shot


I’m honored to be considered to capture the start of your new adventure.

​You can look at so many wedding photographer portfolios and see the same shots over and over and over — nothing changes but the faces.

Check out my wedding photography portfolio and you’ll quickly see that’s not how I roll. My goal is to capture the true representation of both the couple getting married and the event itself.

My photography is very personal — I often cry when retouching photos because I remember how happy you were in the moment, and I know how happy you’ll be together for the rest of your lives. I get to know every couple I work with so well leading up to the wedding, that by the time you actually say “I do,” I’m all in on you and your future!

When I’m not shooting weddings (which is rare!), I love surfing and snowboarding and traveling through interesting cities all over the world. I’m an outdoorsmen but damn if I don’t love city life.

The ocean and the mountain connect me with the planet. The city connects me with people. Both inspire every shot I take every night. I can never get enough.

I love people and can’t wait to help you celebrate your future.

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