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Hey there, I’m Michael, your Asheville elopement photographer! Growing up in Western North Carolina and the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I have local knowledge. I have have the pleasure of working with over 500 everyday life adventurous couples in my career has given me some profound insight into the best elopement experience I can offer. Plus, my love for the outdoors makes me extra attuned to how light and location can create that perfect image you’re after, in that perfect location!

And when I say I know these spots, I mean I really know them, and they arent places you will see on social media or a website. These locations come from exlporing the Blue Ridge Mountains as a child and now as an adult. Thats what elevates me as an adventure elopement photographer. I want you to have epic photos, yes! But I also want to create absolutely stunning images that tell the story of an adventurous couple and their beautiful moments.

Want to venture off-road for epic photos? I know all the perfect locations, the best trails and how to get there with ease. Or if you’re feeling urban and edgy, I’m down for that too!

With me, you can be sure that epic moment you’re dreaming of will come to life without any fuss. Whether we’re hiking in the Appalachians at dawn or hitting up Colorado’s biggest ski resorts, your elopement experience will be memorable, relaxed, and all-around unforgettable. This is not a traditional wedding day. I am not a traditional Asheville elopement photographer.

elopement couple standing on edge of linville gorge asheville elopement

Asheville and Western North Carolina are a great place to elope!

Your wedding day is the ultimate adventure and elopements take it to a whole new level. It’s just you two, embarking on a journey of love – no fuss, no stress, just pure excitement and anticipation. Make sure to expand yourself beyond a traditional venue! Take your elopement outdoors and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of Asheville. Nestled in the heart of the great outdoors, Asheville offers much to explore, from panoramas of majestic mountain ranges to charming award-winning restaurants and breweries. With limitless outdoor adventures, it’s the perfect location for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable southeastern escape. There’s no shortage of excellent lodging options within the city, and nearby, so it’s easy to make Asheville your home away from home. Say “I do” surrounded by the picturesque beauty of nature. Asheville is an ideal destination for couples looking for an exciting adventure before and after their big day.


Start by filling out my contact form with the basics about you, your partner, and your preferred date. Next, we'll get together over video/phone chat and get to know each other better! This is the perfect chance to ask any questions you may have. After we chat, you'll get to choose your own fun adventure photography session that meets all your photo coverage needs.


This is where the magic happens! No surprises, just a perfectly-planned out elopement experience. Together, we'll turn your vision into reality. From selecting the perfect locations for you and your partner to deciding on day-of activities, vendors, and unique-to-you details, we've got it all covered. In the weeks leading up to your big day, we'll finalize a packing list and create a timeline, ensuring a stress-free experience.


This is from a recent summer elopement

5:30 pm – Meetup at parking area

6:00 pm – Hike up to the summit

6:30 pm – Arrive at summit. Couple and photographer locate spot for ceremony. 

7:00 pm – Ceremony begins 

7:20 pm – Ceremony Ends 

7:21 pm – Celebration! You’re married! Champagne, etc! Officiant! wedding photographer departs wedding!.

7:30 pm – Picnic or refreshments. Candids with couple, etc.

7:45 pm – Golden Hour begins. Adventure portrait session continues 

8:47 pm – Sunset

8:48 pm – Blue Hour begins. More portraits, dancing, quiet moments, last details.

9:00 pm – Last light photos on summit

9:30 pm – Hike down from summit 

10:00 pm – Arrive back at parking lot area. High-fives! Photographer and couple depart.

engaged couple taking sunset photos with mountains behind them in asheville nc


Eloping in the North Carolina Mountains gives you the ultimate freedom and flexibility on your big day. Not only does it let you get married however you like, but it also lets you celebrate your love away from worries about pleasing guests or following traditions. It’s all about you and your partner! With breathtaking Smoky or Blue Ridge Mountain views, Asheville elopements offer a picturesque backdrop that’s hard to beat. And let’s remember the fantastic photo opportunities! So if you’re looking for inspiration for an unforgettable, stress-free wedding experience, Asheville elopements are the way to go.


I shoot weddings documentary-style: no staging or directing. I want you to remember genuine moments unaffected by a photographer’s instructions. Most importantly, I’ll be a friend with a camera. I’ll capture every moment of your Asheville elopement day as it happens, letting your personality shine through. My photos will tell the whole story of your day, make you feel connected, and take you back to the moment.


THANK YOU for taking the time to connect and reading a little bit about my life story + philosophy. I’d love to learn about your love story, the two of you, and the vision you have for your wedding! Let’s meet over Zoom or have drinks/coffee in person and chat more.

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