Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Session

Lindsay + Ian | Asheville, NC

The mountains of western North Carolina are a very special place to me. It’s where I grew up, where I played as a kid, and the older I get I see how much these mountains influence me. Naturally when a couple contacts me about shooting in the Blue Ridge mountains, I get really excited.

Lindsay and Ian contacted me about shooting some images of the two of them, this past fall in Asheville, NC. This trip turned out to be quite a journey. The Blue Ridge Parkway is always an adventure, due to the influx of tourists who have never driven on mountain roads. Add in heavy downpours and our day started out a bit, soggy!

With it being fall in North Carolina, the leaves were popping, so the only challenge was finding a hole in the rain, and then a location that wasnt saturated.

We stopped at a park/picnic area close to Brevard, NC and waited out the rain. Once the skies parted, we were greeted to a saturation of color, and really amazing lighting conditions. We then decided to head up to some higher ground and finish the session off with some ridgeline views.

I am super stoked to be a part of Lindsay and Ian’s wedding day celebration this summer at Hi Wire Brewing in downtown Asheville, NC

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