Have you ever witnessed a love story unfold? The kind that has been in the making for months, even years? The kind where emotions are raw and the anticipation is palpable? As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing such moments, it never gets old.

Recently, I had the honor of teaming up with Anthony to execute his secret proposal plan toKendra on the Diana Lawn at the Biltmore Estate. The plan had been in motion for months, with every detail meticulously planned out. 

The proposal was perfectly executed, and the look on Kendra’s face was priceless. After the proposal, we journeyed through the Biltmore Estate for an engagement photoshoot. As an Asheville wedding photographer, I couldn’t help but think about how these photos will become a treasure trove of memories for the couple.

During golden hour, we explored the Italian Garden and the Conservatory Garden, capturing every sweet moment as the sun slowly set. The Biltmore Estate provided a stunning background for the photos. For the last part of the shoot, we headed to the reflecting lagoon for a different perspective of the house.

As an engagement photographer, it is incredibly satisfying to know that my photos will be used to tell their story for years to come.

The Biltmore Estate has a special place in the heart of every Asheville wedding photographer, and this day was nothing short of magical. It’s moments like these that make me grateful to be a photographer, and I look forward to capturing many more love stories in the future.



Engagement sessions are the perfect chance to take a break from wedding planning and have an ultimate date night! They allow us to get acquainted before your big day, help calm any nerves about being photographed together, plus explore some of your favorite places.

Engagement sessions start at  $950 a la carte (or included in most wedding collections). The fee includes a 2 hour session, online gallery, and approximately 75-100 high-resolution images. You can also add on a album, or use these in your wedding album as additional spreads.

An open book with a photograph of a blue sky.
Three books on a wooden floor in front of a door.
A wedding photo album in a box on a wooden table.


Contemporary design with clean, crisp lines. This is the essence of simple modern luxury. Featuring seamless spreads and meticulously hand-crafted premium pages made with layers of cloth and latex. The pages are stronger and more durable, resulting in a superior luxury with durability and elegance.  

Albums are custom designed in collaboration with each other until the layout is exactly as you envisioned.

Can hold up to 80 pages.
Starting at $850. Discounts available for parent albums.

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