Asheville Wedding Sneak Peek - Jordan + Charlie

A wedding party is throwing a bouquet during an Asheville wedding celebration.

If you were to ask me about the weddings I shoot consistently, I would tell you that most of them are usually 100+ guests. When Jordan contacted me about her plans, I was intrigued and stoked—micro wedding, a couple of different spots, and chill, relaxed imagery.

Unfortunately, the weather gods did not favor us for the ceremony location yesterday, so we called a couple of audibles and had a lovely day filled with laughter and love.

We moved the ceremony from a mountain top location to the house.  When I arrived just before the ceremony it was gorgeous outside.  So instead of inside the house, we were given blue skies and a donut hole of blue sky just in time for the ceremony.

We gambled afterwords not knowing the area of their home and found some fantastic spots for photos, LITERALLY on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere! Just goes to show you dont have to scout ahead of time.  You just have to see the light, pivot, and create!

My friend Jakub of Bright Light DJ brought his setup to their house while we were taking photos, and we threw a fun-filled house party.

We toasted. People danced, sweated, and took naps!

Enjoy this quick look into their day yesterday! What a great day spent with two great people!