Elegant wedding at the Biltmore estate.

Asheville weddings have many different vibes on wedding day. From the funky breweries, the mountaintop wedding venues, there is one venue that stands out. Its a checkmark that can be hard to gain for most Asheville wedding photographers. Whats one wedding venue for an Asheville wedding that would be the dream wedding day? Whats one wedding venue that every Asheville wedding photographer wants to shoot at?

The answer is three words for this Asheville wedding photographer: Biltmore Estate wedding!

The Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate is the pinnacle of Asheville wedding venues. A historic mansion that broke records, set against a backdrop designed by the father of landscape architecture, of lush greenery and colorful flower.  The colors change each season, which offers every couple a unique wedding day.  The Biltmore Estate is luxury in the North Carolina mountains, and so is every Biltmore Estate wedding.

It is one of those wedding venues that feel like it is a storybook come to life. The Blue Ridge mountains offer a breathtaking backdrop to any wedding venue, and it just elevates wedding days on the estate property. If you want elegance and creative landscapes, then Biltmore Estate is your wedding venue.


Every Asheville wedding photographer wants to capture a Biltmore Estate wedding! The opportunities for stunning photographs are endless, which allows every wedding experience at the Biltmore Estate to be unique to each couple.

Biltmore Estate Wedding – A venue for a timeless romantic feel

The estate’s landscaping was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, America’s foremost landscape architect. “From the formal beauty of the Italian Garden to the breathtaking presence of ancient trees in America’s first managed forests, Biltmore Estate and the lush landscape is a living tribute to Olmsted’s genius. –” Any bride or groom who loves design will instantly connect with beauty of Biltmore Estate.

The Biltmore House

Combine that with the Châteauesque-style mansion architecture, it makes the perfect setting for a wedding venue and celebration you dream of.  The wedding photography experience that goes along with a Biltmore Estate wedding is unique.  Time is spent to make sure that the grounds AND the Biltmore house are part of the photography, which also gives couples the option of doing wedding portraits in many locations and environments around the entire estate. We usually leave the photos that are taken in front of the Biltmore house for the evening, so that the guests touring America’s largest home have all headed home.

This allows us to give our own kind of self guided tour of the Biltmore house, and the outdoor settings. Just spending time in the different gardens alone can elevate your Biltmore estate experience in Asheville north carolina.

Breathtaking Views of the Blue Ridge Mountains – Biltmore Estate Weddings

Biltmore Estate weddings have access to some of the most breathtaking grounds in North Carolina, if not the entire country. Meticulously kept and manicured, allows for maximum wedding photography potential.  Every Asheville wedding photographer wants to shoot a Biltmore wedding. You are able to find nice areas, with nice backgrounds and views no matter the situation.  Family photos can be elevated in this situation too! Here are a few of the different areas at Biltmore Estate that you should consider when planning a Biltmore Estate wedding.


The Diana Lawn  is a beautiful patchwork lawn that rises to the east of the Biltmore Estate.  It sets up a spectacular view of the house, with the blue ridge mountains towering over in the background.  The ceremony wedding venue is at the top of the lawn, overlooking the Biltmore house. It’s quite the romantic backdrop for a ceremony, and can also be a great location for sunset and night portraits. It also has a large circus style covered reception tent with VERY high ceilings. One of my first shoots as an Asheville wedding photographer was at Biltmore for a proposal. It took place here on the Diana lawn, and from there many Biltmore wedding ceremonies have been captured here.


Deerpark has a winery style vibe for a Biltmore wedding.  It has an open courtyard for Biltmore wedding ceremonies and receptions, as well as an indoor ceremony option, the Lodge Room(which is perfect for smaller guest counts.. The trees surrounding the courtyard really bring the space to life, so it’s best to book this space when they are in bloom.  


The Lioncrest is an awesome reception venue at Biltmore Estate. We love the ambience that the reception lights put off at night. Take advantage of the catering staff at Biltmore as this is fully inclusive, so you dont have to hire 100 vendors.

Conservatory & Walled Garden

Whether it’s the Walled Gardens, Italian Gardens or the Conservatory (which is green all year round), you can’t go wrong with getting married here. You can follow the Biltmore Blooms schedule to plan for what you want as a backdrop.  Inside the walled gardens they change the blooms each season.  The oranges and the purples of the fall mums are some of my favorites.  Inside the Conservatory you can get creative for an intimate ceremony. Many times during engagement shoots, bridals, and wedding day portraits we use these areas.! Its a great spot to consider for a first look too!

Italian Gardens, South Terrace & Tennis Lawn

While walking around Biltmore you can forget that you are in North Carolina.  I like to think I feel a bit of Central Park when I stroll the gardens.  You can see nuances of Olmstead’s design in both.  There are many colorful spots for a Biltmore Estate wedding ceremony: the South Terrace, the Tennis Lawn, Italian Gardens or the Front Lawn. You literally can’t go wrong!  Front Lawn weddings are spectacular, especially during twilight.

Inn on Biltmore

The Inn on Biltmore has some of the best mountain views for your Biltmore wedding ceremony.  It’s also a great wedding sunset spot during the summer. Many brides choose to get ready in one of the suites, or at one of the private cabins just below.