Asheville is a vibrant city with a rich history, beautiful geography, lively music, arts and culture, and it is also known for its popular breweries and beer scene. As an Asheville Wedding Photographer and Asheville elopement photographer, I love that I get to work here and call this place home.

engaged couple at wicked weed brewery laughing and enjoying beers

Beginning with retired engineer Oscar Wong who opened Highland Brewing (map here) in 1994, Asheville has played home to some stellar breweries. In fact, many largescale craft breweries have set up satellite locations in Asheville including Sierra Nevada (map here), New Belgium (map here). Asheville’s reputation as a brewery-friendly city has attracted brewers and craft beer drinkers alike for decades.

Asheville has more breweries per capita than any U.S. city, roughly 100 local beers can be enjoyed in Asheville, served on draft and in bottles. Each of our breweries has its own unique atmosphere and personality and the same could be said for the beer.

wedding group photo in front hi-wire brewing event space in Asheville North Carolina


  1. Wicked Weed Brewery PubSee on map.
  2. Burial beer co.  See on map.
  3. Zillicoah Beer Co. See on map here.
  4. Hi-Wire brewing. See on map here.
  5. DSSOLVR. See on map here.
  6. Green man brewery. See on map here.
  7. Catawba brewing. See on map here.
  8. Asheville brewing company.  See on map here.
  9. One World brewing.  See on map here.
wedding guests enjoy a beer at hi wire brewery tasting room in downtown asheville


Q: How Many Breweries are in Asheville?

A: Currently there are 30 breweries in Asheville.

Q: Where are most breweries in Asheville?

A: Many of the best breweries in Asheville, NC mentioned above are around or close to South Slope, including Bhramari, Burial, Green Man, Wicked Weed, and the Funkatorium. Below are a few more of our personal favorite downtown Asheville breweries near restaurants like Tupelo, Red Ginger, and Farm Burger.

Q: What area of Asheville are the breweries?
A: South Slope’s district is roughly bounded by Asheland, Biltmore, Southside and Hilliard Avenues. You’ll find many of the newest spots along Coxe, Banks and Buxton Avenues. Many are calling this the “Brewery District” since there are 8 breweries located in the area.

Q: Why does Asheville have so many breweries?
A: Asheville, North Carolina, has fostered one of the fastest-growing beer scenes on the East Coast since the mid-1990s in part thanks to the 20,000-acre protected watershed outside of town in the Great Smoky Mountains.  Asheville sells its quality of life, its mountains, its culture.