Lifestyle Photography – The Florida Keys Way

Lifestyle Photography – The Florida Keys Way When you think of the words Lifestyle Photography many things come to mind.  When you specify that to an area like the Florida Keys and Key West even more comes to mind.  The Southernmost Point, Mallory Square, Hemingway, etc.  That’s what big business wants you to think the […]

Paddleboarding Key West – Whaleback Paddleboards 2016 Photoshoot

PADDLEBOARDING KEY WEST – WHALEBACK PADDLEBOARDS 2016 PHOTOSHOOT What is paradise?  Why do we all seek it? For some it is the undisturbed ecosystem, for others it is for the game fish and the reward of the hunt.  Paddleboarding in Key West has become a big surge in the water and boardsports industry.  People now […]

Key West Photographer

MICHAEL FREAS When a photographer sets up his frame and composition, there are a lot of elements that go hand in hand.  What feel are you going for?  What is the theme of that particular shoot? Who is this going to appeal to? Take all of that into consideration and you have a perfectly balanced […]