Photography in Asheville

Island Hopping the Philippines

Island Hopping & Surfing in the Philippines My First Trip to Southeast Asia Where to go, what to do, how do we do it? Im sure those words were used multiple times when the Philippines trip became an idea. We had to find a common ground between hiking and surfing, so a simple google search […]

Cuba: As told by a South Florida Photographer

PASE LO QUE PASE: A NORTH CAROLINA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER IN CUBA My first visit to Cuba. How it changed my outlook on life for the better. Travel is always on the mind of a photographer. New places, new faces, and new things to capture. Its what drives your mind to stay creative. When you live […]

Key West & Hurricane Irma – The REAL story from Key West!

A boat damaged by Hurricane Irma stranded on the sandy shore with a palm tree in the background.

Key West & Hurricane Irma – The REAL story from Key West! When you mention the Florida Keys, EVERYONE immediately says Key West. For many the thought process of the Florida Keys being something completely separate from Key West doesn’t exist. That carries over to the national media, and the misleading narrative continues. Hurricane Irma […]