Destination Wedding in the Florida Keys

When you are a photographer in Key West, you are also a marathon wedding photographer.  You drive up and down the Keys meeting amazing couples and sharing in numerous special days. My favorite part about the upper keys, is that many of the venues are private homes.  This allows you a bit more freedom.  It relaxes everyone even more, and its truly a private affair.

Nicole and Clint were an absolute pleasure to work with! Nicole and I kept in touch throughout the planning period and we shared thoughts. She shared with me her thoughts on Pinterest and I was able to get a perfect idea of what she wanted. It helped me with substance instead of just taking some photos and hoping they come out. A beautiful setting in Marathon on Sombrero Beach. You could feel the sense of family and the love was apparent. Everyone was happy to share in the day, and everyone was an equal.  You could see the camaraderie, the friendship, and the new ranks of the family on its way.  Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day! You will be a part of the Freas Photography family forever.  I especially appreciate the card that they sent me after the fact as well.  When couples keep in touch with you, it just makes it that much more of an experience.  You feel accomplished, appreciated, and like you are part of the family.  This was definitely an enjoyable day for this Marathon Wedding Photographer.