A bride and groom share a romantic kiss at Gassaway Mansion in Greenville, SC captured by a talented wedding photographer.


In search of a Greenville wedding photographer who understands your unique vision and can transform your special day into a visual masterpiece? Look no further than Michael Freas. Michael has extensive experience capturing the essence of love stories in Greenville, SC, and Upstate areas, ensuring that each precious moment does not go undocumented.

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As a top Greenville wedding photographer, Michael Freas takes pride in understanding what his clients desire – from candid shots to elegantly bold portraits. Michael excels at creating a relaxed atmosphere, allowing your genuine emotions to shine through in every frame. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, we guarantee stunning photographs you and your partner will cherish forever.

By choosing Michael Freas as your Greenville wedding photographer, you’re investing in more than just exceptional photography; you’re securing the memories of one of the most important days of your life.

Don’t let these moments slip away – book with Michael Freas today and experience the difference that professional photography can make on your wedding day.


Michael Freas is an experienced and passionate photographer who offers wedding photography in Greenville, SC. He specializes in capturing the essence of his clients’ love stories through intimate photographs. Michael’s unique approach to documentary wedding photography blends creativity, storytelling, and attention to detail, resulting in stunning and timeless images.

He is a pro at capturing organic moments as they happen, keeping things comfortable and relaxed for his clients. Think about it like having your friend take photos of you – it’s that chill and fun! He wants his clients to be themselves and enjoy the moment, creating photographs representing their personalities and relationship.

Inspired by film and art, Michael’s style standouts with how he plays with lighting, composition, and other elements to make every session perfect. He takes the time to understand his couples’ unique identities and relationships, so each photograph captures their love story in a personal way.

Working with Michael means having a photographer who genuinely cares about your happiness and well-being. He ensures that every experience is enjoyable and memorable, and his fun, non-invasive approach ensures that his clients have the best day ever.

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