Surprise Proposal in Key West Florida aboard the Historic Schooner Hindu

A man and woman on a boat laughing during their Key West engagement photography session aboard the Schooner Hindu.

So you’re going to propose to your girlfriend? You’re doing it in Key West, and you’re going to need a photographer. Well that’s what Alex had on his mind when he contacted me. We chatted a bit about the best way and place to do it, and we settled on the Schooner Hindu. We wanted to create the greatest engagement photo in Key West. Usually this is the part where I end up writing 300 words and telling you all about our day. This time is different. We are going to take it from the words of the special woman, whom Alex chose to spend the rest of his life with.

Here is what she had to say:

“A week before our trip to Key West Alex asked me if I wanted to go on a boat – maybe fishing or sailing. I remarked,” since when are we big deep sea fishers!?!” He sold me on the sailing though, and a thought Flashed… wouldn’t that be a romantic proposal? However, any daydreaming about that went out the window at the airport when Alex checked his baggage and offered me his jacket on the plane. With nowhere else to hide a ring, I was certain a proposal wasn’t on his mind!

Fast forward to our vacation, I thought it was strange that Alex, far from a fashionista, was suddenly interested in what I was wearing to dinner that evening. I had picked out white jeans and a white top, to which he said “we are in Key West, why don’t you wear something festive?” Little did I know, he was thinking about how I would look in photos on the water up against a light colored sky.

We arrived at the marina just in the nick of time! After we boarded, the captain announced that a photographer would be taking shots for the company’s social media account. I turned to Alex thrilled thinking we might get one great photo of us dressed up. Unbeknownst to me, Alex had hired Mike Freas, a professional photographer from Key West, to blend in as a deckhand and capture the proposal.”