Tropical Key West Wedding at Truman Little White House

A wooden crate with a sign for Jameson bourbon whiskey at Fort Zachary.

When you become a Key West wedding photographer, you always want to be there for your friends.  This is one of those times.  I moved to an island as far south as I can possibly go without going to another country 5 years ago.  I start meeting all the wacky people that make this island so special and wander into a bar.  Behind the bar is a bubbly personality who serves me a shot of jager, a miller lite, and says welcome to Key West.  I start to hang out at that bar my first fantasy fest and meet her boyfriend.  I befriend them and the rest of their crew.  Would I ever think I would be photographing their wedding 5 years later?  Hell no, but I am damn glad I did!

Amy and Teddy are a story that books and movies are made about.  Two kids who meet in school because of a sister, one stalks the other (maybe that’s not in the movies) and then they begin dating.  Amy describes it this way: “I remember first time I saw Teddy, the first week of high school… there was something there. He didn’t really know it until it was graduation time (2001) for me and his Cousin Jessi.  Jessi had me come sit next to him at Michelle’s high school graduation party… she probably regrets that now ;)”

They follow each other around the country with Bramble in tow.  They move to Key West and become one of the islands favorite couples!  If I could describe these two in a few words it would have to be: energetic, life of the party, and honest people.  Im glad on the honest part as now our boats rest beside one another, and now I have a full time mechanic on hand!  Thanks in advance Teddy!

This is a mere glimpse into a fun filled day of laughter, happy tears, and outrageous antics!  Enjoy this day through the eyes and lens of a wedding photographer in Key West!

Reception: Truman Little White House

Venue: Fort Zachary Taylor