Key West Oceans Edge Resort & Yacht Club Wedding | Samantha & Christian

There’s nothing quite like a wedding underneath radiant blue skies, and in a place like Key West, you know it’s going to be a gorgeous day to get married.

I love to grab some quick portraits of the bride right before she sees the groom for the first time. It’s a special moment where their anticipation fills the frame, and their smile is near giddy, and behind the camera, I’m a little giddy too! 

The Stock Island Yacht Club proved to be an ideal spot for creating some great family and wedding party portraits. Every single friendship, every relationship within their community is what ultimately binds a couple as they commit their lives to one another. I always tell my clients; these photos are important, but they don’t have to take up a lot of time. Let’s do this thing and get on to the party!

Weddings at Key West Yacht Club

As we approached their beach wedding location, the water stretched out right into the horizon dotted by palm trees and encased on a stone wall. Standing on the sands of the Stock Island Yacht Club and Marina, Christian broke down into tears as Samantha walked down the white sand aisle to him. 

Probably another favorite of a wedding day, for me, comes right after the couple’s first kiss, where the exuberance of finally being married meets their passion for each other. It’s seriously one of my favorite things to photograph because it’s a moment in time that cannot ever be recreated. 

Stepping away to create some unique portraits of the wedding couple, the backdrop of a Key West wedding never disappoints. The lush greens of the palm trees, the texture of the cabanas mixing with a few clouds here and there, I’m always looking for cool angles and light that show off the best Stock Island has to offer. 

As the sun was setting behind them, we stole a few private moments with Samantha and Christian and, using some creative off-camera lighting at night, created the photos with the deep blue hues. These photos are always the BOMB, so if you love that look, let’s talk more about that. They don’t take that long, and they are almost always the fan-favorite.

Congratulations, Samantha and Christian! 

Venue: Oceans Edge Resort Marina & Stock Island Yacht Club

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