Whimisical Key West Wedding at Fort Zachary Taylor

Freya and Jamie standing in front of a white building on their Key West wedding day.

Whats the best part about a Key West wedding?  The beach? The party?  The best part is that there really is no one answer.  My best Key West Wedding advice?  Be original, do as the locals would do.  Experience the life and heart of the island.  You immense yourself in the people.  You blend in.  Peoples reactions become more natural, and it becomes a fun challenge to anticipate.   They laugh, you laugh. It flows.

One of my biggest goals is to be able to take an image, and then be able to remember the moment without even uttering a word of explanation.  The emotions are what drive you, and the rewards are monumental.  For me when I can sit down and go through a wedding and just laugh uncontrollably, it helps me remember the fun I had.  Conversing back and forth with the bride and groom, and enjoying the new friendship is what makes it all worth it.  The Key West wedding of Freya and Jamie was just that.

From a photographers view, my Key West wedding advice would be to do as they did.  They made this wedding an adventure.  You could feel the fun from everyone.  A glorified field trip of sorts.  The culture of Key West was enjoyed the way it should be, and the way everyone should experience it.  Chef Martin Liz showcased his roots, with a traditional cuban pig roast.  Plantains so good your momma will let you eat them, and some of the most succulent Cuban Pulled Pork you have ever had.  A Conch himself, Martin even provided brunch the day after.  Experience Key West food, check!  Daniel of Rodriguez Cigars provided the signature cigars for the welcome party. Family owned, and the only cigar factory in Key West still operating to this day.