Modern Catholic Wedding in Key West

Erika and David were such a great couple.  You heard many times throughout the night that people “were happy that he FINALLY asked her to marry him.”  We are super happy as well.  From a guys standpoint, that’s a nerve racking situation.  Hell, I even get nervous for the guys when they propose.  I sometimes feel that I am more nervous than them.  David was cool and collected and you could tell that Erika “was his girl” (insert awesome Forrest Gump voice)!  These two were just so comfortable around each other, you could see the length of their relationship, and you can see the future at how happy these two will be. I couldn’t ask for a better couple to work with.  Fun, cool, and insanely funny friends and family!  I hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we enjoyed capturing it!  They chose St. Marys for their ceremony, for the Reception Rooftop Cafe, and I was happy to be their Key West wedding photographer.