Emily & Will's Wedding Aboard The Historic Schooner Hindu In Key West, Florida

Sometimes couples choose to go a different route for their Key West wedding.  They decide not to do the cliche beach wedding.  They decide not to have it in a church or a chapel.  So where do they have it?  At sea aboard a historic wooden schooner!  They create a wedding hashtag that matches the day, #sailingtosinclair.  They invite their closest friends and family along.  How can you make it even more intimate?  You rent a private cottage and have the reception privately catered.  This provides the closeness element.

Emily and Will are a college love story. They met Freshman year, and 5 years later they are married. In every photo I took you could see that these two were meant for one another. From the secret handshake before they kissed to the warmth they both brought one another.  With the close proximity that I was with the guests during the day, I was able to get to know them even more.  You could see how deep their bonds ran, and what true friendship was.  Key West weddings are always a fun filled affair.  People seem to let loose, throw all cares out the window, and see how epic they can take the day.  I tend to like the non-traditional side of Key West weddings.  You really get to see each persons true personality, as I feel like the Florida Keys brings that out in people.  All you have to do is attend one Key West wedding and you will see why it has become such a destination for weddings.  Once again I am truly thankful to have been able to spend my day with these two, their friends and family! What a fun day, and the wind really helped us out for some 1-of-a-kind shots!