Beach Wedding and Reception at the Key West Garden Club at West Martello

Lauren & Malley

A bride and groom standing on the beach with their dog during their Key West Garden Club wedding.

At weddings, we are most visibly ourselves — the walls we walk around with come tumbling down under the forces of joy, anxiety (and sometimes a bit of alcohol). To document that experience, the relationship of friends, families, and a couple launching a new stage in their life, is an incredible feeling.  This is one of the main factors as to why I decided to become a wedding photographer.  You create something that has lasting value, you capture memories that need no words, and you smile the entire time while doing so.

Lauren and Malley are two fun loving people.  Their friends are exactly the same.  Laughter, Dancing, and more laughter is how I would sum up this wedding weekend.  They started the weekend off with a sunset cruise aboard Fury Watersports, where family and friends roasted the couple.  There were tears, laughter, and a funny microphone.  The following day we were greeted with dramatic clouds, a nice breeze, and more laughter.  A perfect combination that any wedding photographer can appreciate.

Lauren brought the amazing talents of Ashley Fisher of Ash & Co Bridal Hair with her from Charleston.  Her dress was designed by Jodi Moylan, another heavy hitter in Charleston.  Having close friends style her for her day was priceless.  Ashley had her looking stunning all day, and Jodi designed her dress perfectly!  Everything worked!  Please enjoy a look into Lauren & Malley’s day.