Where I grew up in North Carolina, a wedding at the Club of Knights would not be a spectacular affair.  This is definitely not the case with the Club of Knights Coral Gables, FL. WOW. This place is a fantastic venue to have a wedding!   It was the perfect location for Linda and Adam’s intimate wedding this past fall.

Linda and Adam met on spring break a few years back, and they wanted their wedding to be an intimate, elegant affair that morphed into the best house party you’ve ever been to, and I’d say they got exactly that. The entire day felt comfortable, warm, and loving…and then; they partied their asses off.

Miami Wedding First Look

Let’s talk a little bit about the first look, which we did on-site at where Greg got ready at his parents’ condo. They are some of the coolest first look photos I think I’ve ever taken.  Lots of times couples get really hung up about the location of the first look. They get it into their heads (thanks, Pinterest) that it has to be a stunning location with gazebos and flowers and scenic vistas.

 NOT TRUE. These were taken by a wall in a condo community. You want your first look photos to be about you as a couple: that moment you both see each other and the excitement of getting married soon.  First look photos should be about emotion first, then light, then interesting elements in the frame. I think this wall does all that. So, if you’re doing a first look, don’t sweat where it’s going to be. I’ll work with you on that!

Miami Wedding At Club Of Knights Coral Gables

This Wedding Reception Was Epic! Confetti Everywhere!!

If that doesn’t get your party going, I don’t know what would!  But they didn’t stop there. There was the traditional horah, which I freaking love.  I love to get right in the middle of that, and though I know someday I’m going to go down on the dance floor if  I get shots like this, it doesn’t matter.

The theme of the wedding was tropical/monstera leaf, and The Club of Knights setting was perfect for that. Their outdoor garden has a huge, dramatic tree covered in lights that makes it feel like a secret garden.

After the ceremony the party began, and little did their guests know that Linda and Adam had some surprises up their sleeves for them. We moved into the dining room, and they kicked off the night with a KILLER choreographed dance that started as a slow song, ripped into a salsa, then a flip, and ended with a dramatic dip.


Then the glow sticks were passed, and CO2 blasts revved up, the Jello shots were flowing along with the ice luge, and the sax player started playing, and it was all-over mayhem-confetti- madness on the dance floor.

I loved every second of it. The night ended as I now believe all weddings should end, with donuts handed out.  Linda and Adam, your wedding just rocked, and I’m so glad to have been a part of it. Mazel Tov!


Destination Wedding Photography

Have camera, will travel? Yes, always true for me; I’m up for any adventures you are looking for! If you’re thinking about a destination wedding in the US or abroad, then I’d love to be part of your plans and talk to you about being your wedding photographer.

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It all starts with a good conversation, so get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding day plans.