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Michael Freas

There are countless precious moments throughout your wedding day: that special, secret smile shared by a couple as they look into one another’s eyes; a great laugh at a perfect moment; the glint of a tear in a father’s eye as he walks his daughter down the aisle and gives her away. These are moments that you want to remember for a lifetime—and with the help of Michael Freas Photography, you’ll have those amazing moments captured forever so you can revisit them for a lifetime to come.

Your wedding is as unique and individual as you are. It’s not just another sea of white and flowers. Instead, it is filled with all the little moments that celebrate.  The organic material that makes any wedding day special. My approach as a wedding photographer is to get to know you. Whether that is through zoom calls and endless texts, or you take advantage of one of my anywhere engagement sessions.  Thats how I stand out as one of the top ranked Florida Keys and Key West wedding photographers, because I care about you!

Your wedding means nothing without you, so thats who I shadow. I capture those unique elements in a timeless, compelling way that will allow you to carry that celebration into all the years of your marriage. Take a look through my photo gallery to discover these intimate, warm images, the sentiments of the moment captured in photos that radiate love.


After spending 14 years creating art with food, I picked up a camera to document life. My purpose is real. Its raw. Its full of emotions. I document life as it happens. My belief is that photography is an emmersive experience for both myself and my couples. Its the truthful photos I capture, that tell the story of moments, relationships, emotions. Im your friend with a camera.

I have been capturing wedding memories with a focus on crafting meaningful experiences. My photojournalistic approach puts the emphasis on documenting your unique relationship and honoring all of your family, friends, and guests present in attendance. Your day should be stress-free joy – not photoshoot after photoshoot – so you can celebrate to fullest extent!

When you look back at your wedding photos, they’ll tell the story of a day filled with beautiful moments. Your veil carried away in gentle wind, the treasured grasp of Grandma’s hands on yours, that loving gaze from your partner—and all while surrounded by twinkling stars to an upbeat soundtrack! These memories are priceless and deserve to be commemorated. Plus these photographs will be anything but typical – we’re talking creative masterpieces reflecting who YOU truly are bringing it all together perfectly!

My name is Michael Freas, and I am a documentary wedding photographer.


9 Year Professional

Top 100 Photographers WPJA

Luxe Life Magazine #1 WNC

Outdoor Emergency Care Certified

Published Rolling Stone 2019, 2021

Masters Top 10 North America 2020, 2022


You’ve taken the plunge and you want your wedding day to be photographed with style! As it's likely your first time finding a photographer for this special occasion, make sure that you find someone whose aesthetic matches yours - capturing all of those treasured moments in an elegant and creative way.


With art as your muse, and a laidback attitude of appreciation for all that life has to offer, you are ready to make the most out of this sentimental celebration! Afterall - what's a wedding without amazing people and lots of feels? Let’s get wild on your big day- here we goooooo!!


Your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life, and you don't want it passing in a blur! When all's said and done, your wedding photos are what'll take you right back - with candid moments featuring loved ones that’ll stay close to your heart. Nothing beats making memories while having an awesome time. IF you want posed photos, this isnt your type of photography!

bride entering basilica in key west with her parents


Starting at $6000 and includes online viewing gallery, hi-resolution photos and a custom designed album


Starting at $9000 and includes Second Photographer, online viewing gallery, hi-resolution photos and a custom designed album

Just married couple in ocean, key resort, laughing


Engagement sessions are the perfect chance to take a break from wedding planning and have an ultimate date night! They allow us to get acquainted before your big day, help calm any nerves about being photographed together, plus explore some of your favorite places.

Engagement sessions are $1295 a la carte (or included in most collections). The fee includes a 3 hour session, online gallery, and approximately 75-100 high-resolution images. You can also add on a album, or use these in your wedding album as additional spreads.


Contemporary design with clean, crisp lines. This is the essence of simple modern luxury. Featuring seamless spreads and meticulously hand-crafted premium pages made with layers of cloth and latex. The pages are stronger and more durable, resulting in a superior luxury with durability and elegance.  

Albums are custom designed in collaboration with each other until the layout is exactly as you envisioned.

Can hold up to 80 pages.
Starting at $1300. Discounts available for parent albums.

When you’re planning your wedding, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is who to hire as your photographer. If you’re looking for someone who can capture the spirit of your day, then a documentary photographer (hey, that’s me!) is there to capture the entire feeling of the wedding day.

While of course there are some posed photos (because there’s no way I’m not doing some killer portraits at sunset) the focus is on you and your family and all the love and emotion of the day.

If you’re planning a wedding in Florida, I would love to hear about your day and what you are looking for in a wedding photographer.

THANK YOU for taking the time to connect and reading a little bit about my story + philosophy. I’d love to learn about your story, the two of you, and the vision you have for your wedding! Let’s meet over Zoom or have drinks/coffee in person and chat more.

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