A bride and groom cutting their wedding cake under a canopy of string lights, captured by a Raleigh wedding photographer.

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Capture the magic of your special day with Michael Freas Photography, the premier Raleigh wedding photographer for couples seeking a perfect blend of creativity and professionalism. Our expertise in preserving cherished moments ensures your wedding memories will last a lifetime.

 As an acclaimed Raleigh wedding photographer, Michael Freas Photography is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and desires. We pride ourselves on capturing every detail of your wedding day, from intimate glances to grand celebrations, with elegance and finesse. Recognizing the importance of professional photography, we strive to add value to your wedding experience by delivering stunning images that truly reflect your love story.

 Choosing Michael Freas Photography for your Raleigh wedding photography guarantees a seamless emotional and visual storytelling blend. With our personalized approach and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to create a timeless collection of memories that will be treasured for generations. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with the best Raleigh wedding photographer – book your consultation today and let Michael Freas Photography bring your love story to life.


Michael Freas is an experienced and passionate photographer who offers wedding photography in Raleigh, NC. He specializes in capturing the essence of his clients’ love stories through intimate photographs. Michael’s unique approach to documentary wedding photography blends creativity, storytelling, and attention to detail, resulting in stunning and timeless images.

He is a pro at capturing organic moments as they happen, keeping things comfortable and relaxed for his clients. Think about it like having your friend take photos of you – it’s that chill and fun! He wants his clients to be themselves and enjoy the moment, creating photographs representing their personalities and relationship.

Inspired by film and art, Michael’s style standouts with how he plays with lighting, composition, and other elements to make every session perfect. He takes the time to understand his couples’ unique identities and relationships, so each photograph captures their love story in a personal way.

Working with Michael means having a photographer who genuinely cares about your happiness and well-being. He ensures that every experience is enjoyable and memorable, and his fun, non-invasive approach ensures that his clients have the best day ever.

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Michael Freas

I am a documentary wedding photographer with 10 years of experience.
Multiple Top Award Winning Images and published in Rangefinder, Rolling Stone, Variety, Insider and Destination I Do.