Everything You Need to Know About Getting Married in Asheville, NC

Asheville, NC is more than just a stunningly beautiful city—it’s one of the top destinations for tying the knot! With all that Western North Carolina (especially the Blue Ridge Mountains) has to offer in terms of architecture, art & music, outdoor activities, and culinary experiences – it’s no wonder couples worldwide are saying “I do” here. If you’re planning an Asheville wedding or elopement, we’ve got your back with everything from legal details and choosing venues to create unforgettable memories for yourself – plus your guests too! Let us help make this momentous occasion even better: start planning today!


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What are going to be my legal hurdles and logistics?

It’s time to make it official! Take note of couples from out of state – North Carolina marriage laws are no mystery. I’ve put together all the necessary resources for you to check off your legal boxes and get hitched without a hitch.

First up: Find an ordained officiant who can efficiently perform your ceremony; then grab that marriage license – don’t forget those NC-specific requirements while you’re at it! Get ready to put pen on paper or finger on the keyboard when signing knotty agreements – here is precisely what will have you celebration-ready in no time flat!

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Discover Your Perfect Venue in Asheville, NC

Hold your breath because the Asheville, NC area, has some of the dreamiest wedding venues you could ever imagine! Whether you’re all about the Omni Grove Park Inn wedding venues with scenic mountain views, or you’re more into the elegance of a historic mansion, or perhaps you’re lookin’ for an earthy, outdoorsy vibe with mountain views that’ll knock your socks off, Asheville’s got you covered.

We’re talkin’ places like The Ridge – a jaw-dropping outdoor venue with panoramic views of the Blue Ridge mountains, or the Grand Bohemian Hotel that’ll have you and your guests feeling like you’ve stepped into a storybook!

And remember the Biltmore – a whopping 8,000-acre estate that will make you feel like royalty on your special day. Or could you instead go for a more intimate, off-the-beaten-path vibe? Well, Asheville’s got plenty of those too. Hidden River Events offers a stunning pastoral setting perfect for a private, romantic celebration. Even if you’re eloping (no shame in a game!), you’ve got options. So buckle up. Planning your Asheville, NC, wedding is about to be a ride!

How do I find a wedding venue in Asheville, NC?

Planning the perfect day and wedding celebration takes imagination, and Asheville has no shortage of options! The wedding venue and event space are significant and must fit your story. Maybe it’s one of the stunning venues ready to host your special wedding ceremony or reception with the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background- or there may be one out there that will check all your boxes of a sophisticated wedding venue but has the feel of a picturesque venue atop rolling hills of a farm. But how can you make sure it’s ‘the one’? Outdoor Ceremony vs Indoor Ceremony?

Consider budget, the number of guests attending both the wedding and rehearsal dinner, what’s included with all-inclusive wedding packages, and the ease of access with transportation when deciding on a venue. And don’t forget about the look and feel; what season is best? When planning an outdoor event in Asheville mountains, aim for while light still lingers outside so everyone gets their fill of views. Every Instagram story will be happy that way!

Yes, there are many questions to consider when looking for an event venue. For more ideas about timing, check out my post on timelines. I also have a couple of guides of all the different and perfect Asheville, North Carolina wedding venues. There are wedding venues in Asheville, North Carolina that have mountain views and natural beauty that fits your wedding day story.

Next, there are the breweries and downtown Asheville, NC wedding venue locations, which range from hotels to that perfect historic wedding venue like the Capital Club, Crest Center, Century Room at Pack Square Park, or the Grove Park Inn that keep you all in one central area, with the focus being on indoor and outdoor facilities. Many indoor venues become hybrids offering the best of both worlds as a unique venue.

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Average Cost of Asheville Weddings and Wedding Venues

The cost of an Asheville wedding venue depends on many factors, including your guest count, venue location, travel costs, and more. Each wedding is unique to the couple, and so is the budget! It would be best to start with a reasonable budget and, most importantly, prioritize what matters the most to you. The perfect Asheville wedding venue is an excellent place to start as number one. What’s number two after you have found the perfect location? Would you like to hire a wedding planner too? Downtown Asheville or the North Carolina Arboretum? I’ll remind you again: Where is the venue in Downtown Asheville, and what are the best overnight accommodations?

Of course, I am going to say wedding photography. Do not overextend your finances on flowers and then skimp on photography. You only get one shot. If you only knew how many couples contact me for portrait sessions because they hated their wedding photos.

Don’t let budget worries bring down your wedding dreams! Chat with one of these Asheville wedding planners I recommend to create the perfect plan for an unforgettable day at the perfect venue without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure how best to allocate your finances, hire a complete service planner – they’ll help steer you through financials so it’s plain sailing all around. That way, you focus on being present on the day off and getting to know your photographer, not balancing budgets.

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Asheville North Carolina Elopements

Ready to say ‘I Do’ in the most romantic way possible? Then eloping in Asheville North Carolina, is your answer! Nestled amongst its beautiful, natural surroundings and filled with all that you need for a perfect ceremony, including an officiant, florist, and photographer – it’s no wonder couples choose this magical spot as their memorable getaway. It helps couples save on venue rental to splurge on wedding photography.

But don’t forget; marriage laws are still at play here, too, so be sure to have those two essential witnesses around when saying “yes.” And if a low-key celebration isn’t quite enough after tying the knot, then why not rent out a house or treat friends & family (and yourselves!) to dinner downtown afterward?! The possibilities are endless, but before taking the plunge, check out THIS blog post on planning an Asheville, NC, Elopement!

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Asheville Wedding Guest Experience in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Couples, make your wedding weekend unforgettable for everyone involved! Give friends and family a taste of Asheville to take home with fun souvenirs as favors. Plan exciting activities around town so they can explore all the city has to offer, and don’t forget about creating a website devoted solely to showcasing the event. Finally, let them know far in advance by sending out charming save-the-dates & reserve room blocks at nearby hotels – you’ll ensure every guest is cared for during their stay here in beautiful Asheville!

I am currently working on an outdoor guide for enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds Asheville, NC. Once that is done, I will update this post, but for now, follow my personal Instagram, where I am constantly posting outdoor hikes and views of the surrounding mountains of Asheville, NC.

Stress-Free Wedding Photography

Create your dream wedding without the stress! To ensure a smooth experience, work with experienced vendors and set up timelines to stay on track. Stick to an achievable budget so that you can make the most of every moment – without worrying about cash flow worries!

Take the first leap in turning your dream of a NC wedding into reality – secure an unforgettable venue and date! Then, reach out to me right away.

Some couples hire me before they set a date, because they care about their imagery. I’m passionate about helping you create incredible memories that will last forever; let’s work together for YOUR Big Day and make sure every special moment is captured beautifully!

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