Getting Married In 2020 - Coronavirus In The Florida Keys And South Florida
A How To Guide For Couples

As the world struggles to understand our new normal, many people have asked me if people are holding off on getting married, and the answer to that is not at all. But, the face of weddings is changing in the Florida Keys and South Florida for the remainder of 2020.

Many engaged couples I am talking to seem to have an even deeper appreciation of making a life commitment, and that’s something we can count as a plus. Having a big pause put on your entire life certainly makes you think deeper.

I’m working with my contracted 2020 clients, and we’re all pulling together to move dates, venues, and locations. Communication and empathy are key, and it’s working out. I have amazing clients who are smart enough to know that the safety of their loved ones comes first.

A Florida Keys wedding ceremony with palm trees in the background.

But What About People Who Are Engaged, And Are Planning A Wedding In 2020 In The Florida Keys And South Florida?

As a Florida Keys wedding photographer, here are some of the things I have found that are helpful when speaking to couples who are planning a 2020 wedding for later this year.

Trust Your Vendors

This is something I cannot stress enough; as your wedding vendors, we are in this with you. This has deeply impacted our lives and our businesses, and we want to remain solvent. Not only that, but we also are in this business because we love it.

I cannot wait to get back to photographing weddings because I know that when we can get together again, the joy is going to be unparalleled, and I literally dream about the images I am going to be able to make again. That’s what keeps me going.

Be Flexible

Be smart, but be flexible. We all have interests to protect but trust me when I say that your vendors are the first person you should be leaning on. Have questions about the contract? Ask. We are happy to explain why those clauses are there.

Need your payments broken down? Just ask. I’ve already reduced my wedding retainer to $500 to ease the financial burden.  Many other vendors are doing the same or including additional offerings for couples.

Flatten Your Guest List

Here’s some good news; it’s now in style to not invite everyone you know to your wedding. Drill it down and invite the people who matter most. This sets the stage for having an amazing emotion-filled wedding that can be as much of an experience for your guests as it is for you.

Elopements are on the rise, too.  Consider just doing the deed with a few of you when it’s safe to do so again and throwing a party later to celebrate. We’re all looking forward to when that can happen again.


It’s no one’s first choice, but sometimes a postponement has to happen. The Florida Keys is a destination for weddings, and you can’t just snap your fingers and make schedules align for hundreds of people who are coming from all over if you have a destination wedding planned here in the Florida Keys and Key West.

If you have to postpone, I’m going back to my other bit of advice on being flexible. Many venues are fully booked for 2020 Saturdays, so it can be hard to find a date that will coordinate with all your vendors.

Consider off-season dates, weekdays, or Sundays.  If there’s one thing we’ve all learned is days and times are arbitrary now. We don’t have the same rules. People will come to your wedding on a Wednesday; they will make it work.

If you’re considering a wedding in the Florida Keys and Key West, or South Florida in 2020, get in touch. I have a host of great vendors you can trust I can refer you to and would love to talk to you about your photography needs. I’ve photographed all over this area, and I am happy to give you a local perspective on weddings.