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About Asheville
North Carolina wedding photographer Michael Freas

I have way too much energy, but have been told that it is contagious. I spent my childhood running around the woods and trails of Western North Carolina, and most of my adult life with my toes in the water and ass in the sand. Early in adulthood I ended up in the culinary world prior to becoming a photographer.  It took me to Florida and ultimately to Key West where I found and created my passion for photography. 

I love to go hiking, take a vacation to a tropical beach destination to go surfing, then end the year in the mountains of Colorado snowboarding. 

I am a foodie, and growing plants and gardens are my jam.  I am considered a dog whisperer. 

Outdoorsman. LOVES BBQ.

I wanted to be a history teacher and coach high school soccer when I graduated high school.

I dreamed of being a chef until I decided I’d rather take pictures and simply eat BBQ

I love to travel. My goal is to capture a wedding in all 50 states

When I was first introduced to the wedding world, I thought that photography was too repetitive. Now I look for genuine moments that tell the story of the day.

Work Experience.

8 Years as Professional Wedding Photographer

Captured over 300+ Weddings

Worked in Hospitality for 14+ years

Industry Leader since 2019

Ranked #1 Wedding Photographer in North Carolina

Mentored by Tyler Wirken


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Check out my feature on Magmod’s new show, How I Shot It, where I talk about how I was able to capture some of the best shots I’ve taken throughout my career.
Your wedding day only happens once, so lets get to know each other. Tell me about your favorite coffee shop, how good/bad of a chef you are, your favorite vacation and anything else that makes you unique as a couple.

Nobody enjoys filling out contact forms, including me.
Drop me a line. No Destination Too Far!

-Michael Freas