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I'm Michael

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I’m the guest you didn’t invite to your wedding, but you’re so glad that I came. 

 My job is to be on the lookout for all of your important moments.

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He’s down to earth and easy going.

couple embracing in wedding attire

Mike is someone you kinda wanna hang out all day with

He has such a unique style and (personality to match!)

You know that moment in a movie that makes you get goosebumps up your arm? That decisive moment that makes your throat tighten up and your eyes start to water? 

That emotion is what I want to capture for you.

When two amazing humans are starting their life story together, it is beautiful and honest. And it is my incredible honor to be a small part of this journey with you.

I am based out of Asheville, North Carolina, and travel to destinations around the world. 

Fun, Energetic, Emotionally Filled Documentary Wedding Photography

Your wedding photos shouldn't look like everyone else's. A documentary approach means photos that are real and true to you and the day that unfolds. Some call it photojournalism, candid, or modern wedding photography. I am not concerned with fitting into a mold or genre, but instead, my wedding photography style is capturing the energy, emotion and love your day entails

Tell me about your favorite coffee shop, how good/bad of a chef you are, your favorite vacation and anything else that makes you unique as a couple.

Nobody enjoys filling out contact forms, including me.
Drop me a line. No Destination Too Far!

-Michael Freas

Based in Asheville, North Carolina