Documentary Wedding Photography Mentoring

An Asheville wedding photographer captures a heartwarming moment as a woman embraces her mother during the ceremony.

Who is this course for?

New to the Wedding Photography World?

Launching your journey in the wedding photography world can feel like navigating a maze without a map. You’re grappling with mastering your gear, learning to capture the fleeting moments, and building a brand that stands out in the sea of sameness. But here’s the good news – you’re not alone in this! My wedding photography mentoring program is designed to help you conquer these obstacles and elevate your photography game. What do we focus on? Real, raw emotions over staged perfection because I believe that’s where the magic truly lies. 

Wedding Photography Veteran?

I get it; the wedding photography industry sometimes feels like a never-ending whirlwind of demands and deadlines, leaving little room for creativity and personal growth. That’s where my 4-month + In-Person Shoot wedding photography mentoring program steps in to reignite your passion and help you rediscover the joy of capturing love stories. Break free from the conventional and embrace the unpredictable, turning those authentic, messy moments into masterpieces. Learn how to inject your unique personality into your work, making it as bold and brave as you are.

What do we talk about??

A bride and groom dancing at an old Edwards wedding.
A bride holding a bouquet in front of a window at an Asheville micro wedding.

Defining PJ Style

We’re on a journey to redefine truth-telling in photography, preserving and celebrating it in all its glory. We delve into the captivating work of past photojournalists, learn from their skill of capturing raw emotions, and apply these insights to your wedding day.

Prepare to uncover the joy of creating timeless work – work that truly encapsulates your story. With us, you’ll find satisfaction in seeing your story unfold in photos that honor the genuine emotions and experiences of your special day.

Defining our Role

As documentary wedding photographers, we’ll unravel our identities and reinvent our purpose. Considering chiefly the couples we’re capturing, we’ll focus on how to capture them photojournalist-style. This reshapes us into appreciative, satisfied, and driven wedding photographers with a career of purpose and freedom. Not just altering our photography but, crucially, affecting our clients in the most positive and genuine way possible.

Shoot w/ Me

As we peel back the layers of our wedding photography wisdom, we’ll reconstruct a fresh blueprint for capturing nuptials. This next chapter will guide you through a whole wedding day, documentary-style, loaded with clever tips to bridge the gap between you and your clients–minus the poses.
Armed with communication and advocacy, we’ll deploy these from the moment your brand makes an impression on the client to foster a rapport with them to being there on the big day and cherishing your clients until the final sparkler flickers out.

Different Approaches, All With One Goal In Mind!

  • The Image, The Story, The Experience
  • Tell a story with your photos – they’re worth a thousand words, after all!
  • Learn how to sequence your shots for those perfect mini-narratives
  • See the light, and when you dont, create it!
  • Discover the art of selecting your best shots without breaking a sweat.
  • Edit like a pro – with a focus on making your photos stand the test of time.
  • Ditch the posed stuff – we’re all about capturing the raw, authentic moments.
  • Learn to anticipate the shot before it happens and roll with it as it evolves.
  • Elevate your composition and perspective game to the next level.

Whats the experience like?

“I highly recommend his mentorship to anyone looking to elevate their photography skills and artistic vision.. His infectious passion and dedication, whether we were discussing technicalities or creative composition.

Michael’s personalized approach made the journey both inspiring and educational. I came away with better technical skills, a deeper grasp of storytelling in photography, and a mentor who truly cared about my development.”

How Do You Effectively Change Your Approach and Art?

1:1 Mentoring + In Person Shoot



Four months of virtual mentorship where we talk about how to grow plus an intense two-day, on-the-job mentorship. No matter where your wedding gig is in the US, I’ll be there, blending in as an extra assistant or your second. We’ll review shots, share insights, and I’ll even reveal my secret editing techniques.  Plus you will get special pricing and access to Aftershoot to help improve your workflow

Next day? We’re deep-diving into your images, critiquing, and refining for up to 4 hours. You’ll also get exclusive entry to my private Facebook group packed with monthly photography wisdom. Plus, a one-hour call within a month for any follow-up questions.

What are in the mentoring sessions?

  1. We’ll kick things off with a deep-dive one-hour video call to understand your current photography journey and map out the road ahead. We will talk about website review, portfolio review, and discuss how this mentoring will change both of those.
  2. Then, for the next four months, you’ll have monthly 2-hour calls to keep the momentum going.
  3. Shoot w/me Capture magical moments side-by-side with me, ask questions on-the-go, and create powerful visual content. 
  4. How to embrace a documentary approach, using  your images to create a compelling narrative, while standing out with your art to the right clients!
  5. Bonus Month Five! We’ll wrap up with a final one-hour session to review your shots, get feedback, and answer any lingering questions.

Retainer of $1500

5 Monthly payments of $640

***This includes all my travel to the shoot with me. I offer a convenient monthly payment plan!***

This is more than mentorship – this is a launchpad for your dream photography career. It’s not about posing; it’s about capturing raw emotion, genuine moments. It’s about learning by doing, seeing, experiencing, and asking. We’ll meet up for a pre-wedding coffee chat, where we’ll run through the game plan and get ready for the big day ahead. This is perfect for beginners needing a strong start, or seasoned pros looking for a fresh and authentic approach. Expect a day filled with laughs, learning, and love for our craft.

Something Smaller or to Build Your Own?



Craving some focused, one-on-one time to supercharge your photography game? This one and a half-hour Zoom call is all about YOU! Ask away, dig deep, and let’s uncover the true potential of your artistry together.




You’ll get a dedicated one-hour call every month for four straight, transformational months. We’ll go over your action items, brainstorm solutions for any hurdles, and set exciting goals for the future. 



We will go through every important page that matters for your brand.  Every image, Every Word.  We will do an SEO audit, Google Business Page + Workspace setup and develop an SEO plan to help you rank better. 

This will help turn your website into a tool that will attract your ideal client and meet the goals of your work.


Non-Wedding Education



Dedicated two-hour coaching call every month for four straight, transformational months.

In-Person: We will spend one day shooting for 2 hours with a full critique and debrief one month after

(NC/SC Students Only)


Ready to change your mindset and create impactful images?


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