Best Weddings Photos of 2023

As we leap into another exhilarating year, my heart pounds with anticipation and awe. It’s not the fear of what lies ahead but the joy of being able to do what I love – capturing raw emotions and real stories on your wedding day.

The wedding industry is a dynamic beast, constantly shifting to keep pace with the changing tastes of millennial and Gen-Z couples. There’s a growing appetite for unique, personalized experiences that truly reflect the essence of each couple. Amidst this evolution, one thing remains constant – the desire for authenticity. And that’s where I come in.

I am not just a photographer; I am a storyteller. I capture the beautiful, messy, and authentic moments that make your wedding day uniquely yours. I don’t just photograph weddings; I document love stories. The laughter, the tears, the spontaneous dances, the stolen kisses – these are the moments I seek to immortalize.

I work with couples who value authenticity over perfection. They aren’t afraid of showing their true selves, quirks, or imperfections. They understand that these very elements make their love story unlike any other. They appreciate the artistry and skill required to handle high-pressure situations to capture the fleeting moments amidst the chaos.

And in this competitive industry where standards are continually being raised, I am proud to be considered to be one of the top wedding photographers on the East Coast. This recognition is a testament to my dedication, skill, and passion for capturing the essence of your special day.

So, if you’re a couple who cherishes real emotions and values authenticity, let’s embark on this journey together. Let’s capture the unfiltered beauty of your wedding day, turning fleeting moments into timeless memories. Here’s to another year of telling love stories, one frame at a time. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey!

Remember – your wedding photos aren’t about staged perfection but about you. They’re about the love you share, the emotions you feel, and the stories you tell. And I can’t wait to be a part of that.

Michael Freas Photography offers a personalized approach tailored to your unique needs. I take pride I having the ability to create stunning, timeless images that showcase your love and commitment to each other. Using a keen eye for detail ensures that every beautiful moment of your wedding is captured with elegance and grace.

Don’t trust such a significant day to just anyone. Choose a wedding photographer with a proven track record of success and a passion for capturing love stories for your wedding.

You want a photographer specializing in capturing the essence of all the special moments and love stories through intimate photographs. My unique approach to documentary wedding photography blends creativity, storytelling, and attention to detail, resulting in stunning and timeless images.

Capturing precious moments organically as they happen, keeping things comfortable and relaxed for my couples. Think about it like having your friend take photos of you – it’s that chill and fun! I want my couples to be themselves and enjoy the moment, creating photographs representing their personalities and relationship.

Picture of Michael Freas

Michael Freas

I am a documentary wedding photographer with 10 years of experience.
Multiple Top Award Winning Images and published in Rangefinder, Rolling Stone, Variety, Insider and Destination I Do.