DC Wedding at the Cosmos Club in Dupont Circle

Living in Key West, I am afforded the luxury of meeting people from all over the country and the world.   You photograph weddings that spawn other weddings, and you feel like you become part of a group of families.   It’s what being a destination wedding photographer is about.  Different destinations, different weddings, different scenery.  I met Michelle and Jeff while photographing their close friends Kate and Brian’s wedding in Key West.  We all shared many laughs, and I found out how easy going this group of friends was.  So I was honored when I was asked to come to Washington DC and photograph her wedding.

Heading to a new destination, I knew I needed to take a support system along with me.  With 175 people, a venue and town that I have never shot in, I wanted to make sure my back was covered in case of anything that might happen.  This was the perfect opportunity to ask my friend Filip of Filda Konec Photography  to come along.  We had never gotten a chance to shoot together, due to the amount of weddings we both shoot yearly.  The two of us see things similarly, which complemented each other’s style.  Filip also reminded me each day of how many miles we walked, so it was like having a fitness coach as well!  Wanna walk to the monument??

When we arrived in DC, we walked a couple of blocks from our hotel to the prestigious Cosmos Club.  Immediately upon walking in, you could feel the history of the building, saw photos of members who had won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the creativity went through the roof.  It allowed me to really match the vintage feel with the couple.  The gilding in the ceiling, the rich wood.  I felt like Ron Burgandy instantly, due to the smells of leather bound books and rich mahogany.

On wedding day we just took a step back and blended in.  It was a celebration.  Two amazing people, one big family, and a beautiful day in our nation’s capital.  I hope to be back!  Thank you Reynolds and Caputy family for allowing us to be a part of this day!