When I first met Allyson and Wesley, I knew that they were quality people because of their great sense of humor and because they didn’t make too much fun of me for my Frisbee Golf skills when we met up in Asheville, when they were in town. Turns out, I am a HORRIBLE Frisbee Golfer! We had a few laughs, and it was just a preview of the fun we had at their Playa Largo Resort wedding in Key Largo.

This is my second “NASA Family” wedding; Allyson works for NASA, and she indulges my big nerd brain when I start babbling to her about how much I love planes and rockets. I may stink at Frisbee Golf, but I can talk about aeronautics and space ships all day long!

I love Playa Largo Resort weddings, so I was stoked when I found out that’s where they had chosen to get married. It’s such a well-maintained and beautiful property, and the staff is always spot on with the hospitality. The ceremony spot is just in a perfect location, with an expansive gazebo that looks killer in wide shots. The reception hall is awesome too; they pay attention to the lighting, which always results in more dramatic photos.

My buddy Julio came down from Miami to help me with this gig, and we were able to work that ceremony site for some really cool-looking shots from different angles and juxtapositions. I really like his eye, and he’s just a great guy to work with.

We started the day with the girls in a beach house and the guys in a bungalow, and despite what Allyson thought, the guys were ready WAY before the girls, and we got some great stuff with them before the ceremony. One of the perks of a Playa Largo Resort wedding, is the beach house that is perfect for getting ready.  Everyone is there together.

Did I mention these guys have a great sense of humor? For the first look, Allyson convinced one of Wesley’s buddies to get dressed up in a wedding dress and be her stand-in to see the look on Wesley’s face. Priceless!  Even more priceless was the look on Wesley’s face when he saw his real bride-to-be after the laughs. You could see how his face just about melted with love for her. 

Keeping it all in the family, their Uncle and Aunt performed the ceremony, and it was awesome and heartfelt. You could tell they put a lot of time and effort into creating a special ceremony for Allyson and Wesley, and the result is some photos of them just beaming during their Playa Largo Resort wedding ceremony; I love that.

Because as they say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree, the toasts by family members at the reception were hilarious; this is a family that likes to have fun. And speaking of fun, once that dance floor opened, the fun went on, and on, and on. They made sure everyone was fully vaccinated, and you could just feel how elated people were to be together and celebrating this fantastic couple.

Allyson and Wesley, thanks for being awesome, for always answering my texts about rockets, and for reminding me that humor is always the answer. Congratulations!

Playa Largo Resort Wedding Vendors

Venue: Playa Largo Resort

Planning: Island Life Events

Hair/Makeup: Modern Bride by Natalia

Floral: A Lavish Event Design

2nd Photographer: Julio G

DJ: L-R Entertainment