Gerilyn and Casey's Fall Beach Wedding at The Reach Resort in Key West, Florida

There’s something about Key West that magically amplifies the beauty of a love story, a fact Gerilyn and Casey’s breathtaking wedding attested to. From the serene ambiance of Fort Zachary Taylor to the historic charm of the Truman Annex, their engagement session set the stage for what was to be an unforgettable matrimonial celebration.

A Prelude to Perfection

Nested in the heart of Key West, the Casa Marina neighborhood provided a picturesque backdrop as Gerilyn and Casey prepared for their special day. The couple’s first look and couple photos were steeped in the visual poetry of Key West’s iconic landscapes, thus beginning their wedding narrative with frames filled with love and anticipation.

Ceremonial Bliss at The Reach Resort

The Reach Resort, with its oceanfront gazebo, served as the altar for their vows. It’s not every day that a venue like The Reach comes along, combining the paradisiacal allure of the Florida Keys with an intimate, elegant atmosphere. Each wedding I document there feels unique, yet Gerilyn and Casey’s ceremony was one for the ages—marked by beautiful tropical vibes, floral arrangements that seemed to capture the essence of the island, and a palpable sense of love that enveloped the space.

An Evening Under the Stars

Their reception, held on the beach by the caressing waves, was a testament to Key West’s unmatched ambiance for celebrations. The sunset that evening painted the sky in hues that perfectly complemented the joy and love shared between the couple and their guests. As day turned to night, the sounds of laughter and music mingled with the rhythm of the ocean, while dancing under the stars sealed the perfection of the day.

In Key West, each wedding sounds like a dream, but Gerilyn and Casey’s was a vivid, beautiful reality that I had the pleasure to capture through my lens. The combination of Key West’s natural allure, the couple’s radiant love, and a day filled with joy is a reminder of why I cherish being a part of these moments.

Whether you’re planning your own Key West wedding or looking for the perfect destination to say “I do,” remember that here, every detail, from the ocean’s breeze to the tropical backdrop, congregates to create an unparalleled celebration of love. Gerilyn and Casey’s wedding wasn’t just an event; it was a beautiful beginning to their lifetime together, framed by the timeless beauty of Key West.

Key West Preferred Wedding Vendors

Couple: Gerilyn and Casey

Date: October 31, 2021

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Reach Resort

Floral & Decor: Milan Event

Dessert: Cupcake Sushi

Photographer: Michael Freas  

Hair and Makeup: Studio Marie Pierre

Rentals: Eventfully Yours

Calligraphy: Blue Thistle Studio

Steaming: Steam Queen

Picture of Michael Freas

Michael Freas

I am a documentary wedding photographer with 10 years of experience.
Published in Rangefinder, Rolling Stone, Variety, Insider and Destination I Do.