Summer wedding in the NC Smoky Mountains at Nantahala Weddings

There are two things that I love about my photography career. One is the people I meet and the referrals they give me, but most importantly, being able to showcase the world’s beauty and how I fit the couples into that story.

Morgan and Chris are a fun-loving couple from Wilmington, NC, who love the outdoors, their friends, family, and fur babies. As I have gotten to know them, my experience in Wilmington in college has interwoven into this group of people.  First her friend Genna whose wedding I shot in Key West, Florida, and then after this wedding was Kate and Nik.  All three I met the same wedding, Genna and Paul.

They picked Nantahala Weddings because of the surroundings. Nantahala Lake provided a natural backdrop where their friends and family could relax. It provided the mood for the day, which made things even more enjoyable. The setting for their wedding was in the summer. The trees of the Nantahala National Forest were lush and complete, and the summer storms rolled in the distance. This was precisely what Morgan and Chris were going for…summer relaxation!

After getting ready, Morgan and Chris decided to see each other before the ceremony, so we headed to the Appalachian Trail and the Wayah Bald Fire Tower. This location gives you a commanding 360-degree view of the forest and provides a cinematic backdrop. It’s a favorite for anyone getting married at Nantahala Weddings. We shot some couple’s photos at Wayah Bald, stopped at the historic cabins, and enjoyed a dusty dirt road romp through the woods.

When it came time for the ceremony, they opted for the venue area overlooking Nantahala Lake. This gave us background views of the Great Smoky Mountains while comforting everyone with a sun-kissed day. We left the venue at sunset and went across the road to the lake. Chris’s parents had rented a cabin on the lake that faced the sunset so we could use the dock for sunset.

I recommend always getting a westerly-facing Airbnb for every wedding. It can come into play when we need some private time. You can check out many rentals on my post about Airbnb Wedding Venues.

After sunset, we returned to the covered venue of Nantahala Weddings for the reception. The couple was roasted and toasted before leaving the night with a sparkler exit. Nantahala Weddings and Events is about an hour and a half from Asheville but provides a secluded forest setting with a natural lake and waterfalls all around the area.

If you want more info on this venue, check out my post on this venue guide.