Lower Garden District Wedding at Felicity Church in New Orleans

A bride and groom standing in front of a window at their felicity church wedding in New Orleans.

Marie & Ross

Hello everyone! We’re here to share a heartwarming recap of Marie and Ross’s wedding, a beautiful celebration of love at the Felicity Church in New Orleans.

I first worked with Marie and Ross in Asheville NC during the fall.  We had a lovely time chasing the color around the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

The weekend started with a welcome event in the downtown area of New Orleans at Kimptons Hotel Fortenot’s Peacock Room. This exquisite locale brims with character and provides an unparalleled backdrop for authentic, emotion-filled photography. The room’s vibrant colors, intricate designs, and rich textures — a nod to the city’s vibrant culture — are a photographer’s dream, allowing for the creating of stunning, dynamic images. Imagine capturing a candid laugh against the backdrop of the room’s iconic peacock blue walls or a spontaneous dance under the glow of its ornate chandeliers! As a space that celebrates natural, raw beauty, much like our brand ethos, the Peacock Room is more than just a venue – it’s a canvas for preserving genuine moments and emotions in their purest form. It’s not just about the “pretty.” It’s about the story each corner tells, making it a truly unique and exciting place to photograph!

Now, let’s talk about the big day! I was lucky enough to stay in the same home as the bride and groom, with Marie and her family using the downstairs apartment to prepare. It had some great mirrors and a cute little backyard with great light. Ross and his groomsmen got another Airbnb and got ready on the other side of the park. The couple chose to have a first look before the ceremony, a touching moment high on their anticipation list. We met up at Coliseum Park and used the greenspace and fountain for some photos and the family photos.

The ceremony and reception both took place at the Felicity Church. And let us tell you, the church, located at the heart of New Orleans’s Lower Garden District, provides a charming backdrop for the most captivating of wedding photographs.

One of the unique aspects of their wedding was the second-line parade post-ceremony, a delightful New Orleans tradition. It led the newlyweds and their guests around the block before returning to the cocktail hour. Marie donned a capelet that her mother wore on her wedding day. A highlight was when Jennifer Coolidge, Stiffler’s Mom from American Pie, came out on her front porch and congratulated the couple by yelling, “You look f—ing great!” Talk about an unforgettable moment!

Their wedding theme revolved around blush pink, infusing a soft and romantic ambiance throughout the church. After they flipped the ceremony area, the space came to life. Felicity Church has approached this venue space as reflecting around the photography. The lighting systems they designed and mapped highlighted the space, which completely resonates in the final dance photo!

As their day unfolded, it was clear that what mattered most to Marie and Ross were the genuine moments of love and happiness. The day was filled with joy, laughter, and many memorable moments, from the first dance to the sparkler exit. This couple truly knows how to throw a New Orleans celebration! Their wedding was picture-perfect with the city’s vibrant energy and Felicity Church’s historic charm.

New Orleans Wedding Vendors

Photography: Michael Freas

Venue: Felicity Church

Planner: Uncommon Camellia

Florist: Beth’s Florist

Caterer: Black Pearl Catering

Makeup/Hairstylist: Verde Beauty Studio

Entertainment:Louis Pettinelli Entertainment