Living in Key West which is such a big destination wedding location for folks, you wouldn’t think a photographer would get a chance to travel out of the Keys very often. For me, it was the opposite: the folks I meet in Key West visiting for events often become friends, and then clients, but mostly, friends. It felt so good to arrive in Rhode Island and be greeted like a long-lost friend when we finally (FINALLY!) got to shoot Thay and Nick’s wedding.

Love > Covid

I first met Thay about 5 years ago when she came down to the Keys for a bachelorette party, and I was hired to do portraits of the friends who came down from around the country.

I always end up making some connections when I shoot, and Thay and I had been keeping in touch with via social media. We had an easy banter to start, and she told me that she knew she was going to hire me for her upcoming wedding, and a few years later, she did.

Little did we know that wedding wasn’t going to be as soon as anyone thought. After many postponements, the destination wedding date was chosen, and I was ready to fly to Rhode Island for the first time for a wedding we all waited a long time to happen.

Family is Everything

Covid has taken a lot away from everyone, but its impact on weddings has been especially tough for people who have family out of the country. Thay’s family is from Brazil, and they could not attend the wedding, so I knew that it was important to her and Nick to surround themselves with as many people as possible who felt like family.
Thay’s son Kayan is a dapper little dude, and it was so great to see how into the wedding he was. He took his role seriously!

I take my role seriously when it comes to photographing people’s weddings because I believe that people let me into their worlds because they know I care about their wedding photos. It’s really important to me that you trust me, especially when I am flying across the country for a destination wedding! I know darn well there are thousands of talented photographers across New England that Thay and NIck could have decided to have for their wedding, and I’m so honored to have been the one they chose.

Weddings at Newport Beach House Rhode Island

My first wedding in Rhode Island was a trifecta of awesome: fantastic people, a killer wedding venue, and some of the best steamed seafood I have had in my life!

Thay and Nick had chosen this wedding venue because of its location on the beach, and it did not disappoint. I love it when a venue is both upscale and not pretentious, meaning it’s a killer location, but you don’t feel like it’s black-tie stuffy.
The beach views are gorgeous, the lighting was perfect, and we didn’t need to go far to find good locations for portraits. It’s got that classic New England feel, with the expansive beach and rocky coastline and surf…so different from the Key West and Asheville vibe!

Party Accordingly: Your Wedding is One Amazing Day

The sign that greeted the guests to Thay and Nicks wedding said, ” We waited an extra year for this. Party accordingly”. And party, they did.

This wedding was filled with so much joy, with so many tears and laughter that the entire day was kinetic from start to finish. Sometimes with weddings, there are ebbs and flows, but this one? It was GAME ON.

The energy was crazy, laughter and tears at the speeches, and the dance floor was fire. Ask any wedding photographer how they know it was a good wedding, and they will tell you that they wake up the next day with an epic “wangover” (a wedding hangover), and this one was fierce! It was the kind of good exhaustion that I love.

Ceremony/Reception: Newport Beach House

Photography: Michael Freas Photography

2nd Photographer: Brave Hearts Photography

Florals: Stone Blossom Florals 

Hair/Makeup: Thammy Ellen Beauty

Band: Cover Story Band

Destination Wedding Photography

Have camera, will travel? Yes, always true for me; I’m up for any adventures you are looking for! If you’re thinking about a destination wedding in the US or abroad, then I’d love to be part of your plans and talk to you about being your wedding photographer.

It all starts with a good conversation, so get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding day plans.