Late Fall Wedding at the Parker Mill in Whittier NC

On the wedding day, everything was perfect, but to the average onlooker, they wouldn’t say that. It was my first time at Parker Mill, and the backdrop and day were setting up for a fantastic story. 

 The clouds were rolling in over the Qualla boundary as we neared the end of the fall season. Most of the color we had lost prior due to rains, but there was beauty in the stormy vibe. Kelsey and Joseph found me searching for Asheville and western North Carolina wedding photographers on Google. 

After all their searches, I felt honored that they had connected most with my imagery. After getting to know them, I realized why. We both shared a love of the outdoors. The saying “the mountains are calling, and I must go” rang true for both of us. 

I grew up in the North Carolina mountains. Still, I had moved to Florida after college to search for better seafood and warmer temps. Kelsey and JD lived in the Tampa/St Petersburg area and wanted elevation. Somehow, we both ended up in Asheville while having connections to Florida. It’s fitting for the first time at a mountain venue in Western North Carolina. 

That entire week leading up to their wedding day, it was looking like RAIN! On the wedding day, rain clouds loomed in the distance most of the day, but for the most part, they never really impacted their day. This was awesome because it allowed them to have still the wedding they envisioned with the mountains of western North Carolina as their backdrop. The cloud cover provided dappled light and created a mood that fit Kelsey and JD perfectly! Full disclosure: I love overcast days due to the lighting. It makes things even, which allows creativity to run wild. 

So, what was the caveat of the day? The rain held off until the end of the reception. All that worrying, raincoats, umbrellas etc. It created a moody sunset and was perfect for the fireworks display they surprised their guests. The greatest takeaway from this weekend was that I gained two friends for life who share the same love of the outdoors with me. I can’t wait for the one-year anniversary hike/shoot this year! 

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