Wedding Decor and Details

I get it; your wedding day is a whirlwind of excitement and emotions – and there’s so much to capture quickly. But don’t you worry! I’m here to make your special moments and details shine. You’ve poured your heart, soul, and, yes, wallet into selecting these little pieces of ‘you.’ They’re not just accessories but snippets of your unique story, personality, and style. And they deserve to be spotlighted! With me behind the lens, rest assured your wedding details won’t just look great; they’ll look spectacularly ‘you’! Let’s create something truly memorable together, shall we?

Captured by Asheville Wedding Photographer Michael Freas

A two-tiered wedding cake adorned with colorful flowers and a cake topper featuring two small cat figurines, surrounded by individual dessert cups, perfect for a destination wedding in Honolulu.
Outdoor wedding arch decorated with vibrant tropical flowers under a blue sky in Honolulu, framed by blurred pink flowers in the foreground.
A tray of rectangular white chocolates decorated with a teal-colored letter 's' on top, presented on a white decorative plate at an Asheville wedding.
Elegant dessert table by a large window overlooking a scenic mountain view at The Ridge Asheville, featuring a cake, candles, and assorted sweets.
Elegant dessert buffet at an Asheville wedding featuring a red velvet cake on a stand, surrounded by assorted mini desserts, including fruit tarts and chocolate bites, in a room with a view.
Row of folded place cards with floral design and names; forefront card reads "michael freas" in a destination wedding setting in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Several plates of seared scallops garnished with green herbs, served on a dimly lit table at a destination wedding in Honolulu.
A tray of appetizers for a destination wedding in Honolulu, featuring small cups filled with yogurt and topped with watermelon, mint, and a skewer.