Why Connections With Your Wedding Photographer Matter

There’s a lot of things i have strong opinions on (go ahead, ask me about cheap coffee) but probably one of them that i am most passionate about is having a connection with my clients.

Now, there are a lot of photographers that don’t care about this. They sit firmly on the side of the camp that says that as a professional, you should be able to photograph anyone’s wedding. I mean, after all, they are all pretty much the same, right? getting ready, ceremony, portraits, reception. In truth, they are right about that, most weddings have the same events in them, with some slight variations here and there.  Early in my career, I did photograph some weddings where i didn’t know the clients well (or in the case of being a second photographer, not at all) and while it all went fine, I quickly realized that way of running my business was not for me, and here’s why.

I Can’t Be Passionate About Your Photos If I Don’t Know Anything About You

Now, I’m not telling you that we have to let me move into your guest room before the wedding. I do want to get to know who you are, not only who you are individually, but also as a couple.

Do you like dogs, does he hog the bed, who picks the pineapple off the pizza? If I can’t meet you in person, then we do a lot of chatting on the phone, on Zoom and also through a bunch of planning documents that i use to help me understand what’s important to you. If we get the chance to meet in person or do an engagement session, even better.

Every element that I learn about you helps me understand what is important to you and helps me home in on what’s important on the wedding day. Hopefully, I’ll wow you with photos that are so personal and dynamic that you’ll be inviting me to stay in your guest room when I’m in your town!

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More Trust; Better Access To Amazing Photo Opportunities

I was surprised to find out that many of my male colleagues don’t photograph the bride until she is fully dressed during the getting ready. Sometimes you miss things that way.

I of course will always work within a bride’s comfort level. The fact is that my clients not only don’t mind me in the room while they put their gown on, they want me there. I know I’m a dude, but I cannot describe the magic at that moment that a bride pulls a dress on.

So instead, I capture it with my camera. It’s really something, and I’m proud that so many brides have allowed me to be there to photograph it for their grooms to see.  Some call it a mini-boudoir or bridal session.

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Better Connections Mean Better Expressions In The Photos

There’s just no way around it, the better I know you, the better I understand your body posture and your body language. If I get to know you as a couple and understand that you are super fun, laid back but not really lovey-dovey in nature I’m not going to try and put you in poses that would feel weird or awkward to you.

I can tell in an instant when the groom has had enough and needs a minute to grab a drink, or when a bride needs a moment to compose herself because they aren’t just random clients, I know my couples signs. I watch for things; I notice things, and I do my best to make sure that the entire process of having photos made is fun so you can get about the job of enjoying your day.

Without establishing a connection with my clients, I’d be making photos for me, and not for them. By caring about them, the photos show the best version of them on their wedding day and their amazing connection to each other.

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