Words like “heartfelt” get thrown around a lot in the wedding industry, but there’s really no other word (well, other than EPIC, more about that later) that I can find to describe Danielle and Joe’s wedding at Bakers Cay. From the getting ready through the dance party to end all dance parties, this wedding was about as heartfelt and genuine as they come.

I met Joe and Danielle a few months back when I did their engagement sessions in both Ft Lauderdale and Key West, and we just had a blast getting to know each other. They both have such an easy, familiar way with each other that is absolutely not able to be faked. Their approach to their wedding is exactly like the  kind of couples I like working with, the ones who value the people and the feel more than the “stuff” that the wedding industry will tell you is a “must have” (Don’t get me going on that…..)

And let’s talk about this fantastic property, Bakers Cay in Key Largo. As a Florida Keys Wedding photographer, I’m no stranger to a wedding in a tropical paradise, but this place takes it next level. The staff is terrific and on point at every turn, but not in that annoying stuffy way. Liz at Island Life Events was so helpful on the day, and the entire experience was just seamless. I cannot wait to work at Bakers Cay again.

There are so many places to do photos on this property that it left my head spinning, but man it was HOT that day. Joe, I’m giving you props right now, you were a trooper in that heat, and we were able to use a lot of the natural aspects of the property to get some killer shots. The first look was done in an area filled with hardwood hammock trees, which we also used for some causal environmental portraits before we moved on to incorporating the private terrace and some more shaded portico areas for photos.

At sunset, we were able to get away for some photos on the property that showed some of the more natural and raw beauty of this place. I loved that Danielle and Joe wanted their photos to be them incorporated into the landscape rather than just focusing on the background. It makes for more intimate photos, I think.

I used the word epic earlier, and that’s precisely what this reception was. The dance floor was 100% ram packed ALL NIGHT. Even more surprising, as I looked around, no one was on their phone. I haven’t seen that since like 2008. This is how I want EVERYONE’S reception to be.  During the Hora and some of the other dances, I could barely make my way to the center of the floor to take photos!

Thank you, Danielle and Joe, for sharing your wedding day with me. I was grinning all the way home thinking about your wedding. From the tears at the wedding, the killer toasts and your first dance that didn’t miss a beat, I loved everything about this wedding.

Venue: Bakers Cay Resort
Planner: Island Life Events
Photography: Michael Freas Photography
2nd Photographer: Filda Konec Photography
Rabbi: Stephen Pinky
Florist: A Lavish Event Design
Hair and Makeup: Ciao Bella Hair of Islamorada
Wedding Invitation and Save The Date Printer: Kitty’s Handcrafted
DJ/Entertainment: DJ Buggy + Rusty Lemmon
Wedding Cake Bakery: Unique D’Lites Custom Cakes

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