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Photography highlights from 2021

2021 was a very busy year for wedding photographers. Everyone was pulled, twisted, and thrown around the country in a race to make up everything we missed in 2020.  I sweated, I cried, and everyone I follow did the exact same!  We made it! We did it!  Pat yourself on the back! I called myself an Asheville Wedding Photographer, while still keeping myself a Key West Wedding Photographer, and brought back the Destination Wedding Photographer status multiple times.

Coming off the heels of an entire year of postponements, we knew we had a busy year ahead. I had months that had zero bookings end up with 12.  I spent entire months in different states working through the bookings.  I worked from New York to Florida, opened a new market, and competed in many contests. I met new couples in the fall, who shot with me and then booked me for their 2022 weddings, which made me so happy.  My goal has been to shoot with every couple before their wedding, which makes their images that much better.  Many took advantage and can’t wait to work with them in 2022.

I gained a Top 10 spot in Masters of Wedding Photography North America, my first year competing. I also gained a Top 50 for 2021 spot in the world rankings of Wedding Photojournalist Association – WPJA.  This was a major milestone for me, due to coming in at 141 last year.  To jump 117 spots in one year is an accomplishment I am super proud of.  I also got my first award in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, and gained multiple publishings in Rolling Stone and other websites while working my favorite music festival, Merlefest, in my hometown in NC

Below are the images that stood out to me or won awards this year.  I cant wait to see what 2022 holds for me with Asheville Weddings!


Imagery That is About You!

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